Monday Motivation: Trust Him

My dream job has a name: business development. When I learned this I spent a good half an hour thinking up big schemes and planning out my life… all the while a little excited, a little terrified and a lot worried about how I could do it–if I could do it.


Last monday I spoke of the real motivation behind my goals. I also mentioned how much I love my Savior–and I can never doubt that He loves me too. But while I stand assured of His love for me, it’s a slightly different can of worms to believe He’s got my life in hand–that His plan for me involves a home and situation in life where I’ll be happy and thrive. That’s a lot of trust. And it takes even more for me to trust that regardless of the road my life takes, I will be happiest on the one He chooses for me. I will learn and grow as I’m meant to and find greater joy than I could otherwise know.

This week, my motivation is a hard one–to trust Him with my life. To do more than act as I want, for Him… rather to act as He wants me to, for myself (and Him). That is what defines true discipleship in my eyes. It takes a lot of trust to let go and believe He still guides you. Because while plans and dreams and schemes are good, they all come to naught before the will of my creator, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This week I will strive to do what He would have me do. I will trust in Him.

Thanks for reading,



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