Why K-Drama: July 22, 2016 (take 2)

So that’s where we left off, right?

… And then I FOUND it. Mwahahahahahaha!

Late that night a friend texted me, and I was all prepared to be crabby and irritable to her–and then she gave me her link to the show. I think I died and went to drama heaven right then, I’ll be honest. So here’s an updated version of Why K-dramas!

My reason: Because while everyone else is loving on Chris Evans, I get Lee Jong Suk to fangirl over.


stills from the guardian and koreandrama.org respectively

Upcoming and Excited:

Nothing, the horizon is smooth and clear and calm while I enjoy my dramas.

Well, Park Bo-Gum’s new Saeguk might interest me.


What I’m Watching:

Hahaha W: Two Worlds!! I watched one episode last night and am off to begin the other now!

Let’s Fight Ghost: I can wait through that premium if I have W to keep me company.

Leverage: I dropped the episode I was watching to jump to W. But I’ll still watch it, it’s a good show too.


still via dramabeans

What I’ve Finished:

Love Me if You Dare: I would recommend this drama to any drama lover who doesn’t get squeamish easily and wants a heart pounding romance/thriller. It’s scary, it’s adorable, just watch out for the English swearing in the first and last few episodes.

And that’s all, folks! Thanks for Reading,


featured image via onehallyu



3 responses to “Why K-Drama: July 22, 2016 (take 2)

  1. ‘W’ is shaping up to be pretty good and if it manages to keep things together in the way QIHM did, I’ll be a happy camper. I haven’t been very lucky with kdramas recently so it’d be nice to have one to gush about again.

    ‘Bring it on, Ghost’ is a cute, fluffy snack to nibble when nothing else is on. Taec and Kim Soo Hyun are pretty winsome together, I’d like to pinch both of their cheeks. XD

    You know, I tried to get through ‘Love Me if You Dare’, I really did. I even enjoyed the first 10 episodes or so despite of the stuff I wasn’t so hot on and then I… um, didn’t. I’m not going to rain on your party so I’ll refrain from giving my two cents on this one. :)

      • Yup, W did suprise me even though I was aware of the writer’s track record and knew he could quite possibly deliver. So far so goo, eh?

        It wasn’t so much LMiYD not being to my taste, I found the premise initially really interesting, than other things that weighted Drama down and in the end sunk it. We all like, what we like, for whatever reason and it’s ok.

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