Why K-Drama: July 22, 2016 (take 1)

I have two very different posts to give you all today. Hahahaha one was written yesterday morning, on schedule. The other was writtenl… later. After other events occurred. I’m giving them both to you to prove just how much I love this show. So, without further ado, the original post!

Don’t talk to me. Don’t. Just… AAARGH!!! Nuh-uh, nope, I’m not a happy K-drama addict at the moment. *mutters* stupid companies… stupid businesses… stupid money making premium hershmershmersh DUMMY PIGGY CHICKEN BUNNY. *mutters some more*.

I WANT TO WATCH W–TWO WORLDS. Unfortunately I still don’t have a premium on website, and I don’t want to find it on an illegal site. *sigh* I don’t think the universe understands how important this is to me. I have never been so tempted to cave and buy a premium account for anything before. I still might. Without further ado, what I watched and didn’t watch this week.

Upcoming and Excited:

That’s just cruel. I’m not just excited anymore, I’m frantic. What am I supposed to do while I wait?! Learn to knit? (That would be fun, I’ll admit.) Fine. I’ll put it down.

W–Two Worlds T.T I will wait for you. Hwaiting! Don’t let me read the recaps! Get good ratings! Hwaiting!


poster via update blog

What I’m Watching:

Let’s Fight Ghost (Episode 2. It’s everything I hoped for and some. Scary, funny, filled with Taecyeon’s handsome face… this drama also got put on premium, but only for a week. I can handle a week behind. I can’t handle three. THREE WEEKS FOR W.)

Mirror of the Witch (Episode 11. I haven’t watched tons of this one, but I’m excited to finish it now that the whole show is done. I don’t have to wait for weeks like I do with another show.)

Leverage (S2E3. I know, it’s not a Korean drama so I should really be watching Police Unit 38 instead [they have the same feel] but I’ve really enjoyed this so far. I’ll just… keep watching… and not think about that other show.)


poster via koala’s playground

What I Finished:

Love Me If You Dare. Ok, I admit, this one deserves a blurb free of mention of W–Two Worlds (curse you, premium!). This was a good show. A fantastic show. With actors that I loved (even the English was well done!) and characters I loved and a plot with so many twists and turns I got dizzy. I’ve found a villain more twisted than the ones in I Remember You, and that’s pretty awesome. I’ll probably do a review, at least. I loved this show. Maybe I’ll rewatch it, keep my mind off of other things.


… And then I FOUND it.


still via dramaforreal

featured image via viutv

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