Drama Rant: Entertainer, Pt. 2/2

I started this rant yesterday, so here’s rest! I’m sorry it’s so late (I planned to write this soon after the show ended). Anyways, enjoy!

The OST. I fell in love with their music. I thought the songs captured the moments perfectly, and every time “Entertainer” came on I just wanted to groove and grin crazily while they did their thing. BTW, I found it all on Spotify, and translations are here.

Ji-Sung Really does deserve his own category of love. The man is one of my favorite actors, and I think this was a worthy addition to his list of dramas. Something lighter, easier to play after Kill Me, Heal Me but no less layered and fun. I know the audience thought the character was too unlikable at the beginning, so they re-edited the first two episodes (international audiences can watch the post-edited bits here), but I loved them just the way they were. Ji-sung made Seok-ho a *cuss redacted*, but a likeable one with style and flair. Like Moist Von Lipwig, for any Terry Pratchett fans out there.

*SPOILER*  Plus they needed it to start that way to make the ending more impactful, when he realizes he did the same things K-TOP did to Ha-neul’s brother.

The Romance.  I know a lot of people don’t like the age gap factor, but I felt like they still managed an on-screen chemistry that worked so well. They handled the gap with the care it deserved from the characters and really had some touching moments. The romance really took backseat to the love they all felt for one another as people. And that’s what I really loved about it. In real life relationships aren’t usually boxed into neat little corners: he’s in love with her, and only loves them, this person’s a ‘friend’ and this one’s a ‘lover’. Instead, things are often much less clean cut.

*SPOILER*  The running metaphor of the green umbrella was my favorite thing about this. They fit each other so well, and I loved that they showed his reluctance to fall in love with a woman so much younger than himself. The secondary romance between Yeon-soo and Min-joo was adorable as well.

The Band. Again. I just don’t have enough words to tell the fair tale of my love for that band. All of them had a distinct personality and music style, all had their own hopes and dreams, all had their own reasons to take to the stage. They more than anything brought me closer to understanding why people perform. Because while only some of them wanted fame *cough* Kyle *cough* they all wanted to play music. Together. I really, really, really want them to keep putting out songs even though the show ended. I mean, it would make them more money! Please?


still from rhb1007’s Blog

The Tone. I really liked the road Entertainer took. It was a heartwarming, band together (hahaha I made a pun) kind of drama, but they didn’t shy away from hard topics. It wasn’t all butterflies and no substance, and I liked that. It might have thrown a few people off at first, but I was expecting an inside look at the entertainment industry when I started out–and I never expected it to be all roses and rainbows.

And so… The Topics and Risks. It’s not often you watch a drama about music and family (for a wide family audience, presumably) and get exposed to such a variety of TV possible no-nos (in Korea, which has a more conservative audience as a rule and censorship). I mean, we had *SPOILERS* sex scandals, adoption, physical disability in the public eye, single parenthood, overbearing educations and drugs in one drama. I might even be missing a few.*END SPOILERS*  Believe me, this show had a lot to say on a lot of topics. I can’t say I agreed with all of it (ie. cohabitation before marriage isn’t good in my book–but I do agree we shouldn’t judge those who do) but I loved Entertainer for tackling such huge issues.

To end, I’ve thought a lot about how expectations shape opinions (this post was a good read, #8), and I think that’s the biggest thing to realize when going into this drama. I read more than once that people didn’t like it because it wasn’t what they were expecting. That they wanted a funny, fluffy singer story with more scenes on-stage. That’s part of what Entertainer is, but it’s so much more than that, too. The industry isn’t all sparkles and glamour and I’m glad they showed that (if not always realistically). And even though everyone got their happy ending (is that really a spoiler? Really?), they managed to break my heart a few times along the way. Thanks, Entertainer, for being you.

My Rating: 10/10.

Entertainer promotional photo from: Dramafever



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