Monday Motivation: For Him

Motivating myself shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Often when I’m writing these I need to remind myself of that. Motivation posts act as my weekly pick-me-up, something to remember when I’m in the doldrums. And this week, when I thought about an instant mood changer, all I could think of was Him.

I’m not a naturally trusting person. I take everything with a grain (or ten) of salt and treat rules more like guidelines. I don’t always believe what others say, even if (sometimes especially if) they’re being complimentary. However there is always one person I trust to tell me the absolute truth. I trust Him implicitly.

He does not lie, He will not lead me–or let me lead myself–astray. He desires my happiness above all else and He loves me very, very much. Oh how He loves me. Because He first loved me, I too love my Savior. I love Him and so serve Him. Worldly Motivations be hanged, I will remember everything I do is for Him. After all, everything He did was for me… and you.

He knows who you are–He knows your name. He knows your joys and sorrows, your regrets and hidden guilt. But He does not close his eyes, and He does not turn away. His hand is outstretched still, and I plead with you–and myself–to take it.

May we all give a little more of ourselves this week,




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