Kdrama Moments: Bad Hairdos and Fun Fashion fashion

I mean the good, the bad and the downright cuss-worthy awful. From sweaters to v-necks, dramas have their fair share of fashion nonos… and some fairly jealous thoughts from yours truly when they actually manage to pull them off. Can you name the dramas featuring these unbelievable outfits?


That moment you wonder if you’ll ever get over the fact that your leading man looks more attractive in historical female’s clothing than you would.

That moment you realize you need a sparkly jumpsuit, to match your OTP.

That moment your hero is on screen–in a pink bunny suit–and you can’t say it doesn’t suit him. He’s just that good at acting.


The moment you know your leading man is the hottest–because he pulled off that hair and made you sad to see it go. (Gimme a list of ’em, I know there’s more than one).


4 responses to “Kdrama Moments: Bad Hairdos and Fun Fashion fashion

  1. Oooh. Yoo seung ho. See him in the trailer of his new movie and he looked so good in a hanbok.
    The last one for me is Lee Min Ho in Faith. He had some really amazing hairstyles.
    Why can’t I remember a sparkly jumpsuit?
    Is the bunny costume in lucky romance or kill me heal me?

  2. You know, I don’t really pay attention to what the characters are wearing unless it’s something so ghastly you can’t igore it, ha.

    I’d say most dramas made before 2010 were prone to have fashion faux pas of various degrees. Some of those styles really were rather hideous. XD

    Suits look spiffy on almost anyone and General Da Fo Ye and his trusty sidekick Lieutenant Zhang in ‘The Mystic Nine’ look good enough to eat – men in u-ni-forms, mmmmm….. always had a soft spot for them.

    No idea what dramas you are reffering to, apart from the sparcly tracksuit. Who’d forget that.^^

  3. The first one is Lee Junki in any sageuk? Although I don’t get the appeal about his acting or his looks. He’s too feminine-looking for my taste.

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