Why Books: July 15, 2016

Not much new on the books front, I’ve thrown myself into money making for the summer. Hehe, I found a new favorite past-time though… to add to my list of favorite past-times. I’ll explain below. For now, though, here’s a reason to read books:

They make good conversation. For an introvert such as myself, I always keep a current-fad book on hand to provide instant relief from an awkward situation. Even if I haven’t read it myself I usually pick up enough to get an opinion. If there’s a movie adaptation, even better.


What I’m Reading:

Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett (not much movement)

The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis (even less movement)


The Gamer

Tower of God, by SIU (Ch. 60ish?)

The Earl’s Betrothal, Karen Tuft (just started, it’s a quick read… I hope)


Book cover via thethingsilovemost

What I Finished:

… Nothing in the last two weeks. Oops. K-dramas, anyone?


What I’ve Dropped:

他来了请闭眼 (AKA. A fan’s english translation of Love Me If You Dare. Yes, my love for that drama extends this far. I have dropped it for now because I’m afraid it gets much racier than the drama does in the middle section–and I need some time to edit it up.)

While I haven’t continued reading the book, it did create a new favorite past-time though–and helped another fully blossom. I’ve started looking into other Chinese novel translations, and who knew there was a such a wide wide world out there?! I’m excited. And the other hobby–webtoons–has come around full circle and I’ve found a few new good ones. Before this I’d mostly read manga, but Webtoons are turning out to be seriously good reading.

Thanks for reading (and happy Friday!),


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