Why K-dramas: July 8, 2016

As I reviewed what I watched while gone… I was surprised at how much there was. I guess I love K-dramas more than I’d thought, if that’s possible. Here’s my reason to watch K-drama this week: it’s a free alternative to netflix during college. Hear me out–I’m a major introvert and often need an hour or two zoned out from human interaction to prep me for the next day. Books take up a lot of room space and netflix is just another expense to add up for a poor college student… but Viki and dramafever have free options. All you need is wifi–and an adblocker, if you’re so inclined.

Upcoming and Excited:

Let’s Fight, Ghost (Premiers July 11–I don’t care what I’ve heard about Taecyeon‘s acting, I watched Who Are You? myself and thought he acted the part wonderfully–better than his female counterpart, actually. And the premise this time around looks hilarious! check out this post for a 4 min trailer.)

Let’s Fight Ghost Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun stills

Let’s Fight Ghost still via K-Pop World.

W: Two Worlds (Premiers July 20–just writing the title give me heart palpitations. Lee Jong Suk is one of two actors I consistently list as a favorite. And now he’s paired up with Song Jae Jung–a writer I’ve loved. I have such high hopes for this drama, it’s not even funny. June 20, please come faster!)


W trailer still via dramabeans

What I’m Watching: ahh, my favorite part of this post. :)

Love Me If You Dare (episode 5… scratch that 18. He is so so suave. And where did all this production value and acting come from?! “Hi, Simon…” Oh my gosh! I’m dying of the chills and thrills here! This is my must watch right now.)

Mirror of the Witch (episode 12, and yes I promise I’m finishing it. I just didn’t have the heart to keep going after one of my favorite characters turned out to be a murderer. Thanks, show. Still love you, I’m making my way up to real time!)

Beautiful Mind (Episode 3, I thought I’d drop it after I watched for a while…  but dangit it has a hint of something awesome, even for the shaking cameraman.)

Beautiful Gong-shim (Episode 13, I’ve read some recap comments… and I think I just need to blaze through the middle episodes so I can get back to the cute.)


What I’ve Finished:

Assassination (K-Movie, 2015)

You Call it Passion (K-Movie, 2015… I don’t know what to do with this movie. It just… happened. It didn’t feel very well put together and I left feeling unsatisfied. I wanted Pinocchio, I got… something.)

The Beauty Inside (K-Movie, 2015. I think I died when Lee Jin Wook showed up to be her boyfriend. I’m sure I was grinning like a madman.)

Accidental Detective (One part comedy one part horror, both parts fantastic. Would I watch this again? You bet.)

Northern Limit Line (K-movie, 2015. Ever seen the movie U-571? Picture that, but more sad. Review to come.)

Entertainer (*Sniff* You all grew up so well *sniff* I don’t know what I’ll do without you! I’m a bit sad I didn’t get a definitive “we’re together” from Seok-ho and Geu-rin, but the ending was perfect.)

movie still from superherohype forum, feature image from hdviet (site not available in my country, but the picture via internet search is…)


What I’ve Dropped (or put on hold, to be fair):

Police Unit 38 (It’s on hold. I liked what I saw… I just liked Leverage more, and I’ve decided to watch that for now instead.)

Wow, that’s so. much. drama. But I love it! Here’s to keeping life balanced, heheh.

Thanks for reading,





5 responses to “Why K-dramas: July 8, 2016

  1. Also can’t wait to watch W. Currently watching doctors and lucky romance at the moment. Liking doctors a lot. I just really love the male lead. This is my first time seeing him and his smile is just *sigh* lol. Also love park shin hye in this. Very different role in the show

    • Seriously, though! I was so glad when I saw the trailer and PSH was all kickbutt and everything. I’m totally going to watch the drama, but there are so many right now I think I’m saving it for a slump time. I’ve heard lots of good things about it though. :)

  2. You can’t be free! Especially considering kdramas are worth so much more and how wonderful they are :)

    Yes and yes to W and Let’s Fight Ghost!

    I already miss Entertainer so much, sigh :( I’m on episode 8 of Mirror of the Witch and am enjoying it. Just wrapped up Oh Hae Young Again and it was decent. Starting Lucky Romance today.

    I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I’ve been really wanting to see Northern Limit Line. I haven’t been able to track down a place to watch it though :(

    • I miss Entertainer too! I was so glad when I found the OST on Spotify. I suggest a plane at 35000 feet to watch Northern Limit Line from. Haha sorry I wish I knew where else it was.

  3. I’m watching Beautiful Mind and really liking it. Jang Hyuk rocks! He’s totally killing it as Young-oh and so mesmerising to watch. Shame the ratings are pretty dismal, but I like a drama that makes me think. Episodes 5 and 6 are very good.

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