A List of Boredom

Once upon a time at a job I had my manager had a saying: better too busy than not busy enough, right? At the time, I was a little bit skeptical. Who would actually want the Christmas rush to go on forever? But now, I think I’ve come to see his point a little bit more. Here’s a list of the reasons why I don’t like boredom.


  1. It’s the Slow Death. Unlike other soul killers (eg. anxiety, depression) boredom kills slowly. You often don’t realize it’s set in until you’ve cast out your mental nets for the seventeenth time and come up blank. Not even yesterday’s gossip interests you. There’s nothing. Not even a reason to fall asleep.
  2. It’s unproductive. Humans naturally tend towards action rather than stagnation, and I am no exception. If I don’t have something to do, I feel useless. It takes effort (or a healthy ten minutes of scheduling it in) to take the time to relax and be lazy. Here‘s a cool post on this idea.
  3. It often signifies the end of something awesome. I’ve noticed that I am usually the least motivated to take interest in what’s presented to me when something awesome is just coming to an end. I call it drama recovery (ha, that tells you when I notice it). Every time I reach the home stretch of a good drama, I end up in major trouble trying to decide on my next show. I must attribute a part of this to the desire to fully appreciate the drama ending. But for me, a good drama (or book) raises my standards of entertainment. And since I know nothing could ever possibly be as good as what’s ending, I feel less inclined to take interest in other things.
  4. Boredom indicates a lack of imagination. Maybe that’s a little melodramatic, but in my mind you take charge of your own thoughts and entertainment. If you’re bored, you’ve given in to the void at last. You’re never bored so long as you have an imagination and your own free will. A leader of my church was once asked, “what do you do during a boring church meeting?” He replied, “I don’t know, I’ve never been in one.” (I respect a man who can say that.) But it holds true for any circumstance. Humans have an amazing power to find or create interest in anything using their minds. And to me, boredom is like giving in.

What about you? Do you like or dislike boredom? Why?

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3 responses to “A List of Boredom

  1. God, I hate being bored. i just need to have something to do. The worst is if you are bored, and you can’t even sleep because you are not sleepy.
    True, Imagination really helps with boredom. I just continue with that story I have in my head.

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