Monday Motivation: Try Again.

This week’s motivation comes from a mini story from last week. Once upon a time I had a few trying days at work… last week. I was recently returned from vacation, felt pretty darn good I remembered how to do everything… and then accidentally let someone out of the store before they’d paid for their things. It wasn’t a ton of money–but I felt terrible. Thus later, as I meandered around a major sale while shopping for a gift, I was really touched by a plaque I found on the wall. I googled it later and behold, this is what I got:

Mary Anne Radmacher, inspirational speaker, author and all around cool lady. The words I found in the clearance aisle of a home decor store had originally been a part of a poem, later respectfully used by police and firemen after 9/11, as well as senators and leaders of the LDS Church. The quote? It’s a good one:

image from Moodquotes on Facebook via Pinterest.

That is what I needed to hear. That is what we all need to hear, at one point or another. Courage doesn’t have to yell, or raise its voice. Courage often manifests itself in the simple, mundane routine of life when, after a hard day, you still tell yourself you’ll try again tomorrow.

I will try again and again and again until I get it right–as I hope we all will,




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