England’s List of Favorites

I’ve discovered yet another place I’d love to live: Bath, England. I loved my trip and here’s a list of favorites!

Favorite View: Big Ben right off the Underground. When I first arrived in England, all I’d seen was the tube, my hotel and bits of Royal Albert hall… we ended up missing our ballet by minutes. So when we finally figured out the tube enough to go sightseeing downtown, it was the immediate view of Big Ben after leaving the tube station that made me realize I was in England. Other nominees: the cliffs of Dover, the Bath Crescent/Circus, the Lake District Cottage, Dover Castle, ancient-modern London mashup.

Favorite Event: Flight of the Eagles, Warwick Castle. Other Nominees: Dungeon tour, Warwick; Period clothing dress-up, Bath; Beefeater tour, London Tower.

Favorite Meal: Not the Fish and Chips, not the Full English Breakfast, but a dinner at…  I can’t remember the name! Oh Dear. But they had a toasted goat cheese and fig tart… it was to die for. And crispy duck salad, and cheesecake… yeah, it was good. Other nominees: Sally Pussy’s Inn, Thai food from Bath, the Eagle and Child in Oxford (the history!), Wasabi in London (we need this chain in the US).

Favorite attraction: Churchill War Museums. Well preserved, entertaining, fascinating. Absolutely worth it. Other nominees: Dover Castle, Roman Baths, Fashion museum, .

Favorite Hotel: Blackgreaves Farmhouse, outside Warwick (highly recommended) Scarthwaite Hotel, the Lake District.

Favorite City: Bath. Hands down, really my favorite city. I was not only impressed by how friendly the people were, but also with the cleanliness of the city and the views. If I was to live in England, this is where I’d be. No other nominees, Bath was the clear winner.

Favorite Memory: Sitting in traffic on our way back to London, listening to the radio and realizing Brexit had passed. I know, I know… you’ve seen all that and Brexit is your favorite memory?? But really, I can come and see all the rest of these places again… living in front row seats to a historic change in England’s government only happens once. It was awesome. From the debates before to the papers the day after, I wanted to soak it all in. Other Nominees: eating thai at 11:00pm in Warwick, taking the waters at Bath, eating Fish and Chips in Dover, navigating the roads with my mom.

Favorite Picture Taken:


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4 responses to “England’s List of Favorites

  1. Welcome back! Looks like you had a great vacation.

    Bath is lovely. I’ve been there a fiew times as it’s relatively near to Bournemouth – my home away from home. :) But really, there are so many great places to visit in England and if you include the whole of UK, there’s even more! Loved my 2 times in Scotland, I’d like to go back some day.

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad you had such a wonderful trip :) I’ve always wanted to visit England. It’s great you had a chance to take part in so many things.

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