Why K-dramas: June 10, 2016

So, I’m a bit of a sneak. This is actually my last post here for a while… I’m going on hiatus while on vacation. ^^ I’m going to England! All my travel adventures will be blogged on this site, so stop by if you’re interested. On the upside, this means I get to visit some of my favorite historical sites ever. On the downside, it means putting my regular blogging and K-dramas on hold for a few weeks. Probably. Entertainer ends next week–what?! So I might tune in for that. But on to the dramas!

So many good dramas are about to be thrust upon us! Here’s a list of a few upcoming dramas I’m excited for:

Police Unit 38 (June 17, OCN)–SIG is a big draw for me… but the premise is good too.

Beautiful Mind  (June 20, KBS)–I watched a show once called Lie To Me (not the Kdrama, the other one), and loved it. Seriously, I’m so mad it got cancelled at three seasons. This drama could give me the closure I need, with a central murder mystery to boot.

Doctors (June 20, SBS)–There’s been a lot of fuss over a potential student-teacher relationship… so what happened to all the people loving Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy? I need to figure out how I feel about it myself, but it makes me want to watch it just to root for the underdog.

Wanted (June 22, SBS)–I haven’t watched a thriller in a while, not since Signal… and the teasers for this look good, despite being rather thrown together at the last minute.

... من الدراما القادمة Police Unit 38 | دار ميديا

Dang, he’s fine. OCN’s Police Unit 38 still via …it’s in Arabic. Darmedia

I don’t know yet which ones I’ll follow, but with Entertainer ending :'( and my potentially dropping Beautiful Gong-shim (I’ll get to that in a minute), I have some free space in my watching schedule. On to what I’m watching!

Entertainer (episode 16, and oh my gosh I love this drama so so much. It’s so different from other dramas I’ve seen. The first one where it’s not a thriller, romance isn’t the main focus, and I’m still crying buckets of love for it. It’s like getting a peek each week into another world (one of music and entertaining others and all sorts of stuff), one I don’t often understand. Ji-sung is killing it, Min-hyuk is awesome, I personally think Hye-ri is doing fine, and overall I’m just really really looking forward to CEO’s takedown next week.)

... dan Hyeri Girl's Day di 'Ddanddara'? - Kpop Chart | All About Kpop

Remember this? Haha those were fun first episodes. SBS’s Entertainer still via kpop chart

Mirror of the Witch (episode 8, still loving the gorgeous, creepy fairytale vibe.)

Beautiful Gong Shim (episode 8. I still love the hijinks, but I’m worried. If next week they switch to angst mode I might be out until the hilarity is back… I’m all for a Sabrina style time jump on this one–ten minutes and they’re all done developing.)

Love Me if You Dare (episode 3 Yay!! Yay yay yay!! It took me longer than it should have for me to give this Chinese drama a try, but I’m so glad I did. Music levels are fine, plot is interesting, characters aren’t overdone… I just love it. It’s got this whole Sherlock Holmes vibe going on–it’s great. Skip the first five minutes (ten to be sure?) of the first episode though… there’s some bad swearing in English.)

RECAP M-DRAMA] Love Me If You Dare | asiangrup

Love Me if You dare poster from asiangrup

And finally, what I’ve dropped:

Bride of the Century (episode 7, I really wanted to love this one because the first 6 episodes were golden and I love Lee Hong Ki… but the angst was too much, I caved and read the recaps. It didn’t clear up for a while, so I think I’ll have to finish this one in bite sized chunks, all at once, or not at all.)

I’m really sad I haven’t started Dear My Friends yet… it sounds like a really stellar drama, from everything I’ve heard. If there’s any regrets about my Spring watching experience, it’s that I didn’t have time to watch that live.

What about you all? What do wish you’d watched this Spring?

Thanks for reading and see you in a few weeks,



4 responses to “Why K-dramas: June 10, 2016

  1. I’m going to check out ‘Police Unit 38’ for sure. I love the cast! Hopefully it delivers, but you never know with OCN shows as some of them end up being quite disappointing. *Looking at you Vampire Detective – so much wasted potential!* I’ll probably give ‘Wanted’ a go too, because my UTW is in it.^^ It’s been ages since he’s had a drama I liked.

    There are a couple of Chinese dramas I’m interested in, 少林问道/Shaolin Wen Dao and 余罪/Yu Zui but neither is subbed, sigh. Well, I did watch ‘Of Monks and Masters’ raw – twice – without understanding a word. :)

    I dropped ‘Love Me If You Dare’ around mid point. I liked it to begin with but then it just got bogged down with stuff I didn’t care about. Wallace Huo is easy on the eyes, his acting though… XD ‘Battle of Changsha’ is still his best outing, imho.

    Now that ‘Wind Chime’ has ended, I don’t have a drama I’m truly hooked on. ‘Back to 1989’ is still pretty good but it’s a once a week show, so I like to wait till I have 3-4 episodes to watch.

    England, still my favorite country to visit! Wish I could pop by again meself. Well, one day. Have a nice vacation!

    • I started Wind Chime and nearly dropped out of my chair. It was really good too! Thanks for the rec. There are just so many good dramas right now, I think that one’s next after LMiYD. Thanks!

      • Re. Wind Chime – it really is stunning visually and the OST is very complimentary. I took about gzillion screencaps and I hardly ever do that anymore, not since I stopped iconing. :)

        I loved the show all the way, even if there is no resolution. Don’t know if you’ve happened to take a peek at my blog but if not… apparently this is S1 and the story will continue next autumn, starting Oct. I hope this holds true.

      • I did look at your blog, it’s part of what got me to watch it! ;) I wanted to watch more of it first before weighing in, though. Don’t worry, I’ll be back! I’d be glad for a s2, as well. I do better with that format than 1s 120 eps.

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