K-drama Moments: Insane, or just brilliant?

Better late than never, right? When you have to work early the next morning, always make sure your posts are ready the night before. Even so, I’m here! Back with more unbelievable moments today from some of my favorite dramas! Take a guess, let me know what dramas they make you think of.


  1. That moment you wonder if a terrorist with a nail gun really just burst into your rom-com drama
  2. That moment when you wonder if your leading man has finally gone insane, or if potatoes really are a brilliant metaphor for love and you just don’t see it.
  3. The moment you stop and wonder what kind of college course your leading man is teaching, to cover the sexual life of a flea as a part of the curriculum.
  4. That moment when life is compared to being stuck in a public restroom without toilet paper.

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5 responses to “K-drama Moments: Insane, or just brilliant?

  1. Hmm, I know a crazy guy busted into the new station with a nail gun in Pinocchio. I also remember Min Joon talking about the mating rituals of some kind of animal in My Love from Another Star. I don’t recall what it was though. Either of those what you were thinking? :)

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