Monday Motivation: Make it the best

I registered for college classes last night. As a Freshman. At the bottom of the totem pole, if you’ll pardon my metaphors. It’s a discouraging process, pilfering the catalogue for gems… and then checking availability. The waiting lists fell in the tens, fifties and hundreds. Nothing seemed to work and the very classes I planned to build my schedule around were currently full. But I had to try–what else could I do? Drop out of college? Unlikely to say the least. And so the process went on until I finally had something that worked–that is if I could register fast enough to steal one of the three or four spots left on the roll. I determined to make the best of it.

Fast forward to this post, wondering what I needed to motivate me this week. Make the best of it! I thought. After all, that’s what I’d done, and I’d probably continue likewise for my entire life. But something didn’t sit right. I shouldn’t have to make the best of it, I argued with myself. I want something better. I want to keep following one of my maxims for living: never do anything you don’t want to. But how? Hence the realization (which came late at night, when such epiphanies are prone to occur).

Inevitably, yes, I would take on responsibilities I did not choose for myself. Some of these–many, perhaps–I would not particularly enjoy. But I knew I could not live as myself unless I loved what I did, and so to destroy the looming paradox I saw only one possibility: not to make the best of what I had, but to make what I had the best.

Living with disappointment can never give me the happy, fulfilled life I desire. I cannot decide to simply accept “that’s the way it is” and submit to an unwanted reality. But if the facts will not change themselves for me then I must change myself for the facts: I must use what I am given and make it the best as I continue towards my goal.

Every roadblock to what you love is really an opportunity to find something you love more. Never let the limitations set by others dictate your life–if you want something, never fail to get it in the end. And if you must take a detour first, be sure to make that detour the best option for you, using it to add value to your final destination. Never make the best of your life, only make your life the best.

Thanks for reading and God bless,





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