Why Books: June 3, 2016

Wow–can you believe it’s June already? I can’t. Summer dramas and longer reading lists, welcome!! Although, it feels somewhat telling that I’ve had less time to read and watch this week than I had during any of the weeks leading up to graduation. Ah, adulthood. That didn’t stop me from getting a few good books in, though!


What I’m Reading:

Spider and the Sparrow (Remember this one? And this? and this? Well, I’m half done with the book now–and it’s really good!)

The Spider and The Sparrow

Spider and the Sparrow Covenant books cover via the Things I love most

The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom


Hiding Place Cover from: faithfulchoices



Mistborn: Well of Ascension ***

Mistborn: Hero of Ages **** (Aaargh is it possible to give a half a star? If so, it’s a 4.5. One last rant to fill out the series coming Monday!)


What’s Up Next:

The Alloy of Law, bk. 1

Farenheit 451


My Summer Reading List:

The Alloy of Law series

The Help

Merchant of Venice


The Wheel of time, bk. 1

The hobbit, Chinese edition


What’s on your Summer reading list?






2 responses to “Why Books: June 3, 2016

  1. My summer reading list so far only has four books.
    Notes from the Underground – A recommendation from Mr. Bown before he left that I’m finally getting around to.
    All quiet on the Western Front – I can’t remember much of this book so I’m rereading it
    Life of Pi – I don’t think you can get everything by just reading it once.
    Bhagavad Gita as it is – A Hindu text
    I want to try Fahrenheit 451 but I’ve never gotten around to getting a copy.

  2. I’m probably going to spend most of my summer reading time with my Korean study book, ha. I’m almost done with reading/translating the last chapter and next have to take a more indepth look on the grammar of several chapters.

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