K-drama Moments: Interesting sountracks and awkward hallway scenes

Sometimes you’re watching your drama all happy and content with life, grinning at your OTP or their manipulative chaebol halmoni–and do a double take. Did that really just happen? You wonder at the screen. Well yes, in fact it did. Welcome to the land of dramas, where amnesia is fixed with another knock to the head and every trip needs a night in the hospital and a neck brace. I love it, and you know you do to. ^^ Can you name where these K-drama moments came from?

  1. The moment when your drama starts playing Frozen’s Let it Go for the second lead while the OTP has a scene together.
  2. The moment your drama’s leading man gets caught in the hallway suggestively (?) rolling up another man’s sleeves.
  3. That moment when you can’t tell if they’re being serious, blasting Phantom of the Opera every time something villainous occurs.
  4. That moment when a drama’s entire scene consists of ordering a subway sandwich nonchalantly.

God bless,



5 responses to “K-drama Moments: Interesting sountracks and awkward hallway scenes

  1. Umm… can’t recall any of those, LOL! Guess I’m generally oblivious to tropes when they don’t irritate me. The best use of Phantom of the Opera I’ve seen was in ‘Once Upon a Time In Saengchori’ though. Fit right in. XD

      • The k-version? Forget it, don’t waste your time on crap. You’re better off just watching the Japanese original – there’s a drama, two specials, two films and an anime series. Or you can read the manga.

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