Why K-drama: May 27, 2016

I graduate today! Woohoo!! And what better way to celebrate than watch some K-drama? But seriously, I skipped a before party last night to save up enough socializing energy for the big event today. I’m an introvert like that. Anyway, here’s what’s up (and boy, am I happy to be flooded with good shows):

Keep an Eye on (buzz): While Oh Hae-Young Again has been the only recent smash hit in terms of buzz, Beautiful Gong-Shim has also gained a fairly substantial fan-base. Lucky Romance premiered to high expectations, but almost everything I’ve heard so far is that it wasn’t what they expected–not really a bad show, just… not the quirky, fun romp they signed up for. Only time will tell, I guess.

Beautiful Gong-shim episode still via Dramabeans

What I’m Following:

Dear My Friends (as much as I want to watch this one too, I just don’t want to chance that I’ll love it and have to leave it for the sake of time. I’ll just follow for now and maybe watch it later.)


What I’m Watching:

Entertainer (ep. 12, this drama though. I luff it so much. It feels a lot like a bunch of my favorite mangas got together and had a drama child, so I’m just content to sit back and enjoy the ride.)

Mirror of the Witch (Continued CGI aside, I love the dark fairytale vibe I’m getting here. And I’m solidly interested in how our leads will ever mount the odds facing them, so I’m in for this one too.)

Beautiful Gong-shim (I’ve fallen for Andante and Gong shim’s fantastic antics and heartbreaking hide and go seek–I’m in!)

ASK K-POP "Beautiful Gong Shim" Episode 3

Beautiful Gong shim still from AskKpop


All About My Romance (… never decide to watch a romance about opposing political parties during the election season. As much as you might think it’s a good idea at the start, trust me it isn’t. All the funny got sucked right out.)

Dramaworld (Holy cow!! That ending, though!! I think I definitely need more of this series. Season 2, anyone?)

Dramaworld’ To Be The First Korean And American Collaboration ...

Dramaworld poster from Viki via Inquisitr


My Amazing Boyfriend (I tried, I really really did. I really did–I need another show in Chinese. But I can’t get myself to sit down and watch it! I think I’m just so flooded with things I like better this has fallen through the cracks for now.)


What are you watching?



7 responses to “Why K-drama: May 27, 2016

  1. I’ve now watched 2 episodes of My Amazing Boyfriend. Still hasn’t clicked yet, but I will give it a couple more. I’m on episode 8 of Goodbye Mr. Black. It’s cheesy & the writing is sloppy , but I like it :) Vampire Detective is terrible, but I’m going to finish it.

    I’m enjoying the cdrama Chronicle of Life too. I plan to start Daebak next week & Entertainer in a couple weeks. I’m so excited for those two!

    Congratulations on graduating!! :)

    • I really really love Lee Jin-wook, but I haven’t yet watched any GMB… because of the writing (tbh the DB recaps scared me off for a while). But I still really want to watch it! And thanks!

      • Lee Jin-wook was hot in Goodbye Mr Black, but the logic fail was strong as well (especially in the last episode). It had its moments and the cast tried their best, but probably not worth spending 20 hours on it. If you’re really keen, maybe try the first four episodes and decide whether you wanna proceed.

  2. I’m an introvert too!!! I live off the beauty, peace, and quietness of being alone, although I do like socializing! You watched Dramaworld? Cool! But I just didn’t finish it yet… God bless and take care friend! I’ll be praying for you!!! I watched She Was Pretty a while ago, and it’s about my fave drama of all times. Partway because I’m also such a fan of SJ.

    • Yeah, my favorite thing to do in a group of people is just listen. :) Dramaworld was sooo funny–especially the last few episodes. Let me know what you think of it when you finish!

  3. There seems to be uncommonly many kdramas that may prove watchable these days. :)

    The first 4 epis of ‘Gong Shim’ were rather hilarious, though show has stuff I’m not too hot on as well. Putting it on hold till I have more room in my roster. I’ve been trying to find some time to marathon the aired epis of ‘Oh Hae Young Again’ and being frustrated that I can’t find any. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow… ‘Dear My Friends’ is on the queue as well. It feels odd to be in the “too many dramas, too little time” situation once more. I guess it’s mostly because I now have shows from countries other than Korea on the roster as well.

    No use trying to watch shows that don’t appeal. Especailly if there are others that fit the bill better. ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’ is the show I watch to unwind. Its brand of fluff seems to suit me atm. :) How about giving ‘Wind Chime’ a try if you are hankering for a cdrama? It’s been surprisingly good for the whole run so far. I’ve been patiently waiting for the last fiew epis to get subbed, so I can finally tackle them. I’m sort of dying to know how they’ll end it.

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