Monday Motivation: Keeping Home

Sorry it’s late today, guys–Finals are this week and I have little time to write. In these last five days before graduation, I realized I needed something comforting to motivate me. Something I could depend on, something that would always be there for me: my favorite stuffed bear and a good kdrama.


Now, don’t laugh. Ok, laugh if you want to, I don’t really mind. Yes, I’m graduating , and yes, I still still sleep with a stuffy next to me. I don’t always think about it or take it with me everywhere, but it’s something that signifies home and tells me it’s okay to drop my walls. In my post Carrying Home, I thought about why people are afraid to leave eras of their life behind. Leaving High School for college, for instance. Or leaving a marriage for a divorce, or dropping out of the basketball team. The best advice I ever got for moving on, however, came from a teacher and mentor this year:

The first night you move out, don’t sit in your new apartment wonder what to do. Head to your room, sit down, and take out what makes a place “home”.  This new place is yours now, and you have to realize that so long as you have what you need, it can be “home”.

For my teacher, that was a cup of hot chocolate. Every day–especially the bad ones–she would come home, open a can of hot cocoa powder and make herself a steaming mug. It was something she depended on, something that kept her sane and knowing she had a home to return to. Mine happens to be curled up with my favorite teddy bear and the latest episode of Entertainer.

This week, if you ever need to be motivated, sit down and take out whatever makes a place “home”. Play around with a basketball, make jewelry, watch a kdrama, blog. Whatever it is, make sure you give it a good ten or twenty minutes. Then stand back up, smile wide and take a good, long breath. You can do this. I believe in you!




2 responses to “Monday Motivation: Keeping Home

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post! And congrats on your graduation! I’m happy for you! BTW, I’m MidnightRamenAttack’s sis.

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