A List of Learning

Ahahaha I love to learn! I love it I love it I love it! There is something to be learned from everything in life. If you do not learn from a bad experience–if you do not grow from it–then the tragedy has mastered you and not the other way around. That’s all that repentance really is–learning from a personal bad choice and trying not to do it again. But if you do, just learn some more! Life is all about learning. Life is learning–and learning how to learn. Here’s a list of what I love about it:


It’s not dependent on formalities. I’m with Mark Twain on this one: Never let your schooling interfere with your education. When I learn, it’s because I want to expand my mind and progress as an individual. That doesn’t mean I check out during uninteresting classes at school–I find a way to make them interesting. Find a way to apply it to your life, and doors will open. Which leads to the next point…

It broadens horizons. One of my favorite biographies is that of Booker T. Washington. He understood what education does for a human. If you haven’t taken the time (or in his case have not had the opportunity) to learn, then your opportunities in life are limited.

It’s fascinating. I’ve mentioned this several times before in different areas of the site, but I love to discover new points of view. “Oh, there are people who think like that, too.” I want to understand what they think and why. I believe conflict–of any size or type–often arises from the fact that people do not realize or will not accept that other people think differently than themselves. Learning is fascinating, both book study and human study.

It staves off boredom. I hate being bored. It’s terrible. I can only take a week or two of Summer vacation before I go stir crazy for a classroom, some homework and more hours at my job. I already have a math textbook, a book of poems and two languages to start learning over the summer. I hate being bored. Learning fixes that! And if I ever get too busy, then I can just watch kdrama.

It enlivens the soul. Have you ever had that moment when everything just falls into place and you go, “oh, that makes perfect sense!” …Yeah, it doesn’t happen that often for me, either. But I love it when it does!! Learning, especially those little moments, makes me lighter inside.

It is a trait of godliness. God is omnipotent. He would never say to stop learning, or wish to keep us in ignorance. God desires for us to learn and progress and return to live with Him. Now, caution–if we have learned so much but our actions to not rise to meet that spiritual learning, we create a gap. That gap is called sin. God doesn’t want that to prevent us from learning, however, and so we have the atonement, and the opportunity to repent. So learn! Whether by your own mistakes or from others, learn! You’ll make mistakes no matter what (but do try to avoid them), so never mess up or sit through a class without learning from it!

Why do you like to learn?


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