Why K-Dramas: May 13, 2016

Wheew, happy day!! I’m mainly watching Entertainer right now, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. I won’t pretend to have it all together today, but I can give you my drama watching schedule.


Keep an Eye on (buzz):

Oh Hae Young Again (ep. 3-4)

Noodlemania (Master: God of Noodles) (ep. 5-6)


What I’m Following: Well, Mirror of the Witch starts tonight on JTBC, and Beautiful Gong-shim on SBS. I’ll give each an episode or two as well as some recap following, and then decide whether or not to watch. Same goes for Dear My Friends, starting on tvN tonight. Cheers!


What I’m watching: Entertainer (just finished 7): Oh my goodness this show has turned itself around in the last two weeks. Maybe I was just being momentarily influenced by the bad online reactions, but I almost dropped the drama. Boy am I glad I didn’t. Always listen to yourself, too. Entertainer is funny and heartwarming in all the right ways, and the BAND IS TO DIE FOR. They’re just so cute!! Rant to come at the end. ;)

Entertainer promotional photo from: Dramafever

My Amazing Boyfriend (ep. 4): So, other than the fact the production reminds me of the Disney Channel (just a bit… sorry), I like this drama. It’s supposed to be inspired from My Love From Another Star, but the characters are so different I feel like I can enjoy it as its own show. We’ll see if I keep up on it.

My Amazing Boyfriend still from: youtube


On Hold:

Momo’s Love (sorry, love it but busy)

Oh Hae-Young Again (unsure on whether or not to continue… lots of buzz, but is it for me?)


Finished With: Ha, nothing right now.

That’s all for today, what are you watching?


Featured Image from this site… dunno the name.




5 responses to “Why K-Dramas: May 13, 2016

  1. I watched the first episode of My Amazing Boyfriend and am still not sure about it. I’ll give it a couple more episodes. Can’t wait for Mirror of the Witch and Beautiful Gong Shim (I hope it gets subbed) :)

    • Me too!! I started MAB, then dropped it, then decided I really liked the plot and restarted it, then got fed up with the characters and dropped it… and then watched another episode.
      I hope Mirror of the Witch and Beautiful Gong shim do so so well for their opening night! :)

  2. What I’m currently watching is more or less what’s on my sidebar. I shouldn’t really add more dramas on my roster but alas, I’m pretty sure I will, ha. Sad that ‘Wind Chime’ is ending next week, it’s been my fave drama lately, but at least that will give me one free spot for something else.

    I’m actually enjoying ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’ quite a bit, to my everlasting wonder. :) It’s fun.

    • I’ve looked at that one! It’s definitely on my ‘to-watch’ list now. Only one question… does the music drown out the dialogue sometimes? Because that’s what makes me drop a drama faster than anything.

      There’s just something about ‘My Amazing Boyfriend’, right? I keep flip-flopping on it, and I like it better each time. Changing expectations, maybe? Now that I’m all caught up on Entertainer again, I think that’s what I’ll be watching in between the gaps. :)

      • Re. the music – I haven’t noticed but then, I don’t understand Chinese so maybe I haven’t paid enough attention. I actually like the BGM/musical cues of Wind Chime, it’s evocative and often makes the mood for specific scenes.

        Amazing Boyfriend is oddly addictive. It does fill in the gaps when you are not watching anything specific. :)

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