Step 4: Making it Real

Oh dear goodness it’s Friday the 13th. Well, that explains a few things. I was up until 1 in the morning last night working on something that terrifies the living daylights out of me: my Last Lecture. It’s my one chance to tell the underclassmen what I’ve learned in High School, and it’s taking over my life. Which isn’t good. I’m glad I went to see Captain America to detox (SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!!).

But back to point of this post: Cozybooks, be social!! It started small, commenting on one of my favorite sites. Then I commented regularly. And then I started up my blog again. Now… now I have jumped ship, thrown myself into the rapids and decided to speak in public. Oh dear heavens what have I done.

The speech I ended up writing was a lot more vulnerable than I would have liked, and now I have to decide whether or not a High School assembly is the time and place to deliver it. Thoughts, anyone?

I want to be vulnerable, let them see me so they can trust what I’m saying. But more than anything I don’t want them to come away with the wrong impression–and I think point blank baring my soul will shock them more than teach them. I need to find balance: how to help and teach, not glorify and speak insensitively. Being vulnerable doesn’t always equal strength. Strength equals strength.

Sorry this post rambled so much, I’m pretty emotionally drained at this point. But I believe in myself!! I can do this!! I am strong, and I will find my way!! Cozybooks, you can be social! You can stand up in front of people and deliver a speech with confidence, because it would be selfish to do otherwise. I believe in you, but more than that–God believes in you. And through Him, all things are possible. Go forth and conquer!

(PS. Lovely Days and Why Dramas are still happening today. Give me 30 min.)

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