A List of the LDS Church

Ooh, yes!! This one’s special to me–it’s an integral part of every part of my life. It’s changed my life, for the better. My love for God has blossomed through my church, and I’m grateful for that. So, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and here’s a list of things I love about my church:


Temples: They’re beautiful, inside and out. Like churches, they are places to learn of God. They are sacred, and so we ask that only those who have made extra commitments (we call them covenants) with God enter. They bring the spirit and uplift me just by seeing them.

General Conference. I luff it. I love it so much. Every six months I get to sit down for the weekend and hear from the leaders of the my church–President Monson and the twelve apostles–all talk. It’s uplifting and inspiring, and I try to go into it with a question or two on my mind–they’re answered, every time.

Mutual Activities: This one almost won’t apply to me anymore (I’m graduating, woot!) but I have loved my youth group while I’ve been in it. Mutual is a funny abbreviation for mutual association, which in turn is a funny phrase used to describe my church’s youth group. We get together every Thursday at 7:00 and have all sorts of fun: shaving cream fights, barbecues, cleaning up neighbors’ yards and making yummy food for neighborhood families that need a helping hand.

Seminary/Institute: I will also be graduating seminary this year, but that just means I get to go to institute (the college version)!! Seminary is a class that teaches about God and how to let Him help you in your life. Aaah, I really don’t know what I would do without Seminary. It’s an hour out of every single school day to let go of any academic stress and think instead about God, life, and what I really want to focus on. It’s saved me many a time when I was stressed and didn’t know what to do with school. Or depressed, or just done with life.

 It’s a plan of happiness: One of the greatest things I’ve learned from my church is that God’s plan is one of happiness. He loves his children (we consider ourselves to be spirit sons and daughters of God) and desires their happiness. He doesn’t give us trials to make us miserable but to help us grow. He wants to bless us and loves us deeply. Even those who have committed grievous sins in this life will end up happy, in the end. The only ones who really go to hell are those who, after learning the entirety of God and His plan (to make them happy) reject Him and choose to not accept Christ’s atonement. Which only makes sense–if Christ is he way, and you reject Him, of course you won’t go to heaven.

Families are forever: I have an aunt who had a baby prematurely last year. After months of struggle and heartache and standing on edge with bated breath, he passed away. They don’t live close but it was still tough for me to see them experience that loss. Then, last summer, my Grandfather passed away. That was a hard time too, and my Grandmother missed him. But for both of them, they had a serious comfort: they would see their loved one again. My aunt will have the chance to raise her baby, and my Grandmother will be with my Grandfather again. Families are for more than this life, if they are sealed together. Families are forever.

We all get a chance: I’ve studied some middle ages religions and one thing has always confused me: if you never got the chance to know God, does that mean you go to hell? If so, I feel simultaneously lucky and guilty for living in a time when I can know God. I will always be grateful, then for the doctrine of my church that teaches we all get a chance. This life is not the end, and we believe that every soul who ever lived on the earth will be given the chance to learn the gospel, repent and be saved. Nobody gets skipped over, nobody gets left out. We all have the opportunity to choose God and live in Christ.

Well, this list would get awfully long if I kept going. I’m gonna leave it here, but thanks for reading some of my favorite things about my church!


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