Quote of the Week: Albert Einstein

He survived two world wars, played the violin and piano, and is famous for his tongue alone. He had crazy hair, made breakthroughs in science which helped develop the atomic bomb, and was a committed anti-racist. He’s Albert Einstein, it’s because he was so smart that I love this quote from him.

”Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge.Knowledge.Knowledge Is Limited.Imagination Encircles the World” ~ Imagination Quote

Quote from: Quotespictures

Thank you, Albert, I really do agree. Eventually you can learn enough to have master a field. You can know the rules of a game inside and out and you can study any work well enough to imitate it precisely. But all of that cannot take you that one step further, to creating a new reality for yourself. To have Albert Einstein validate that is, well, incredibly validating for me. He knew so much, but thought his artistic and creative abilities were more important.

Keep in mind, nobody said (Einstein didn’t say) knowledge wasn’t valuable. Knowledge is so valuable–it’s the gateway to a higher life. But without an imagination, you aren’t going anywhere. Imagination gives you the vision you need, and knowledge provides the tools with which you build. Go to work, build your future–and don’t let the knowledge of your current reality drag you down.

God Bless as we work for our worlds,



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