Monday Motivation: Life Happens. Laugh About It.

Some days, you’ve got it all together–your blog posts are ready, your makeup looks great and you remembered you have to teach your seventh period history class. Some days, that’s just not the case. The trick is to remember to laugh about it, even while it’s happening. With graduation approaching at Mach 5 speed, there’s a lot in my life slipping through the cracks. For me, staying motivated this week is all about learning to accept that and laugh about it along the way.


I admire my older brother, a lot. He’s one of those people that can captivate a crowd with a smile. He makes others feel valuable and appreciated, because he really listens to them and cares about what they’ve said. Most of the time, I feel great about this and proud to call him my brother. Occasionally, however, it gets problematic–like when it’s three in the morning and he’s sitting outside on the phone helping the same person through their crisis, when he has finals to study for inside.He often takes on more than he can safely handle, and it makes life fairly hectic at times. And once, we had a pretty great conversation about it.

*sitting quietly in the car on our way out of school*

哥哥: “You know, we really don’t need to feel stressed about life.”

Me: “What?” …Have you been out helping, again?

哥哥: “No, really. We can feel the gravity of a situation, sure. There are definitely important and weighty things in life. But we shouldn’t stress about them.”

Me: “Ok.”

哥哥: “I can’t think of a single use for stress.”

And that’s all I remember of the conversation. I imagine he went on to say something like this, though. Stress doesn’t increase performance–pressure does that. Stress doesn’t make a diamond, pressure does. It doesn’t make you happier, it gives you anxiety. It doesn’t build relationships, it tears them down. Stress. Worry. Why have them? You can take something seriously and still smile. And if something doesn’t go as planned, what’s the use in stressing after it’s happened? Much better to breathe. Take a second, smile. If you’re embarrassed, be open about that. It will only help in the long run.

Life happens. Please laugh about it.





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