A List of Spiderman

Oh, bless my initial list making skills. Bless them, truly. If I had to choose one human being I love the most, I’d have to choose–never mind. But I really, really, really love Spiderman. On a new level of love. One that justifies buying children’s coloring books and philosophy books and drooling in public. I don’t even think when asked who my favorite superhero is–it’s Spiderman. Here’s what I like and why I like it!

Moral Values: Oh, for the morally good! If Spiderman is my favorite hero, I’d have to say Deadpool is my least. Deadpool isn’t a superhero. He’s just plain gross. Funny, yes, but entertainment value does not justify immoral behavior. From the beginning of his existence Spiderman has held a rare distinction among superheroes–his unwillingness to kill. He’s constantly on himself about what the right thing to do is, regardless of whether people will like him for it or not.

Sense of Humor: You can’t seem to change it, even in the kiddie cartoons. He’s sarcastic at times, witty at times, irreverent at times–and from what I can tell, he likes a good pun.

The Everyday Man: Once upon a time I read up on the creation of Spiderman, and I liked what I found. Basically, Stan Lee wanted to make a more relatable superhero, one that unextraodinary teens could read to realize they were extraordinary. I like that, and I like how the concept turned out.

The Philosophy: I believe Truth is all pervading and does not change–it will remain the same wherever we find it. That includes the stories we tell, and heaven knows I’m a major proponent of enjoying while we learn (一边学习一边玩). Socratese was too, according to BBC. He would explain philosophical dilemmas through entertaining stories. I find that Spiderman does much the same thing, just… even more entertaining.

Just… Just Him.

spiderman photo: SPIDERMAN 28597_396149213210_363629228210_393.gifspiderman photo: spiderman Spider-Man-04407.jpgspiderman photo: spiderman Spider-Man-04420.jpg


Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2, #50
(April 2003)
Art by J. Scott Campbell and Tim Townsend

from Wikipedia

Who’s Your favorite superhero? (yes, Healer is an option.)



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