Why Kdramas: April 29, 2016

Well, this has been an incredibly emotional two weeks for me. I’ve never had someone really close to me die of cancer, but I do know people who’ve fought it and whew boy. It’s rough. That said, I think Marriage Contract (my favorite drama for this round) really did a fantastic job of describing and exploring all the feelings relating to death, life and really living. Check it out, it’s got my vote for best drama of the year!

Currently Airing Major Contendors:

Master: God of Noodle (please, don’t laugh. Actually, laugh a lot. More fun on DB, here and here.)

Good-bye, Mr. Black  (tail end)

Entertainer (ep. 3-4)

Upcoming Drama April 20, 2016] Master: God of Noodles 마스터 ...

Master: God of Noodle Manwha inspiration from: soompi

What I’m Following:

Well, a few of them are only an episode or two into their run, but you can bet I’ll be following the recaps for Master: God of Noodle, at least. I just can’t even with that title. Goodbye, Mr. Black is still plugging along, but it never really shaped up into what I wanted it to be. And I’m watching Entertainer, not following it–if only for Ji-Sung.)

What I’m Watching:

Entertainer (ep. 3)

Sung | VIDEO: Joget Maut Ji Sung & Hyeri di Teaser Drama 'Entertainers ...

Entertainer teaser photoshoot from: Kapanlagi

Momo Love (ep. 2)

Sœurs de Cendrillon: Drama Taiwan "MOMO LOVE [2009]"

Momo love official poster GTV from: Soeurs de Cellindron


Done With:

Marriage Contract***** (Oh dear heavens I think I’m in love. Rant pt. 1 here.)

Queen In-hyun’s Man (dropped, I think I’m going to cry… but it was just a touch to racy round about episode 11-12. Maybe I’ll skip the episode and pick it up again in a week or two…)

Let me know what you’re watching, I welcome any recommendations!


 Marriage Contract - Kdrama | Love CodeMarriage Contract still from: lovecode




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