Drama Rant: Marriage Contract Pt. 3/3

I’m going to miss this drama, I really am. I’ve hit the emptiness and even though I have a long list of things to watch and read next, I somehow can’t believe I’ll get as sucked into them as much as I loved this show. It happens all the time, actually, but it always feels just as real in the moment.

Marriage Contract Ep 2 Eng Sub | eps-Kdrama

Marriage Contract MBC official poster From: esp-kdrama

Episode 13 cont.: Perhaps what I love most about Marriage Contract is how real life their feelings are. I’ve felt that desire to live, to live freely regardless of how I’m looked at (Mi-ran). I’ve felt the desire to be pretty and the hopelessness that I’m not (Hye-soo). I’ve felt like trash, like nobody could honestly like me (Ji-hoon) and wondered why they even stick around–it must be because they don’t really know me, the voice whispers. Those are the dark thoughts that lurk in the dark shadows of the brain, waiting for a weak or tender moment. I may not be dying of liver failure, losing my hair to cancer or living as the illegitimate son and heartless owner of a restaurant, but I have felt the emotions that result from those types of situations. Our circumstances are different (this is a kdrama, they can be dramatic), but the feelings are oh, so human. It’s comforting, to know they are. to know that those thoughts are lies. That I am loved, beautiful and valuable.

Episode 14: I hate Ji-hoon’s dad. Straight up. It’s not often I really, truly, dislike another human being. I try and keep that to a minimum in my life, as it’s not helpful. Sometimes though, they can make it awfully hard to stay positive about the future of humanity. The trick is finding a way to accept that potential for bad with the hope and potential for good. Along with the Hitlers of the world come the Le Chambons. Remember that.

And again, we all need someone to believe we are worth knowing and loving, even if we cannot see it in ourselves at the time. This time I’m thinking more about the one giving the love, though, not the receiver. Neither Hye-soo nor Ji-hoon denies that the other has faults, but they wholeheartedly and unabashedly decide to simply see the good, the potential of what their partner’s best self is. And they’re willing to help them become that all the time. So so cute. They don’t do that through pressure, either. They just believe in the other and encourage good. Forcing expectations and demanding things doesn’t help create positive change–but genuine belief in another person does. 

I had some amazing advice today. Here goes: our bodies want to feel good. That means whatever makes them feel good the fastest–be it a lie, sexual immorality, addictive substances or chocolate–that is what our bodies desire. Hye-soo is no different: even if it’s a lie, she wants to be told she’s getting better. She needs comfort and encouragement. But building it off of lies, the instant, false feelings of goodness, won’t actually help us. They only delay the pain or give us false security. Truth and processing our desires to take care of them in the right way will make us truly happy. That means self control, honesty, and perseverance. But they’re all worth it.

And Eun-Sung (Hye-soo’s daughter). She’s just the best. The best.

Marriage Contract Episode 1

Marriage Contract Ep. 1 still From: bestkdrama

Episode 15: So, um… I’m ugly crying right now. Whew. Breathing. Just breathe.

Episode 16: How do I feel about them not telling Hye-soo’s daughter about her mom’s illness until now? I don’t think I like it.

The waiting game. Such a well of emotion held in such a small scene. How much strength does it take to wait for someone, knowing they could die at any moment? I have neighbors in the army, and it’s hard. So so hard. Enduring a feeling of helplessness as someone you love faces something dangerous takes a special kind of strength. To see it portrayed in other media watch Return to Me.

Sometimes we don’t know why we are crying, just that we are.

How much love can be conveyed in a glance? So much. How totally killing this is UEE? 完全. Oh my gosh, I love this show.

Marriage contract ep.14 still From: Dramabeans

I’m glad Hye-soo finally got to do something she wanted to do: cook them breakfast. I’m glad she got to love on Ji-hoon, and I’m glad she finally got to feel like she had a complete little family. Please let her live to enjoy it. Please.

This is pretty much the sexiest drama ever. Or maybe I just have a weird definition of attractive–slow dancing barefoot in the living room. Oh gosh.

The Ending: I was tempted for a half a second to dislike the ending, to wish that a miracle would occur and she would be cured–or that she would die so Ji-hoon and her daughter  could start the healing process–or that it would somehow just go away. But then I realized I was doing the same thing Hye-soo had done in episode 14. I was wishing for a lie, for it to somehow magically be better. And that isn’t how life works. Trials don’t magically go away, illnesses aren’t always cured and people don’t always change. But rather than let that bring Hye-soo, Ji-hoon and myself down we have decided to let it build us up: they know they’re doing all they can, and as they can’t do any more they just cherish the moments they have.

As for Hye-soo not dying so Ji-hoon and Eun-sung could begin healing (see, I feel bad even typing that)–it reminds me of a book called “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness. It also deals with cancer and death. At the end (sorry, spoiling it) the main character realizes a part of him wants his mom to be dead already. It’s so painful to see her waste away and die in the hands of this disease, and he’s worn so thin and wants her to be well so much–but he also just wants life to be normal again, even if she’s not there. But he cannot allow himself to think that for very long (his own mother, dead?). Marriage Contract presents a similar situation. It’s so painful to see Hye-soo slowly degenerating, and we just want closure, any closure. But you don’t always get that immediately in life, so you simply learn to live with the waiting and cherish the people you’re given, as best as you can.

Whew, we’re done! Hopefully reading this helped you understand what made this show so memorable. Until next time,


Marriage Contract Episode 1

Marriage Contract ep. 1 still From: bestkdrama

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