Drama Rant: Marriage Contract, pt. 2/3

And we’re back! This drama really got to me–I guess I’m just a sucker for the heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Marriage Contract | ซีรีย์เกาหลี Marriage ...

Marriage Contract MBC official poster From: Sritown

Episode 8: Ji-hoon doesn’t trust or love himself. He honestly doesn’t. How sad is that! I’ve been there, and it sucks. May we always recognize that we have someone who loves us (God), even when we find it hard to love ourselves.

That PPL (Product Placement), though. No phone survives in a bowl of water for that long.

Episode 9: He laughed! He finally laughed! Full out laughed!!

And Mi-ran (Ji-hoon’s mom) is still my favorite. She’s just realizing the truth now, and pride has begun to take hold again–if she can lose it and live, then she’ll be awesome! Pride makes people do strange things. In this case, decide not to accept help and die instead. Even so, she shamelessly admits her desires. In this case they’re not all right ones, so again you have to be careful to make the distinction between admitting and acting on.

Ji-hoon’s gotten over his pride so much! He already knows everything the man ranted to him about, but he didn’t lash out at all. I admire his self control, again. This is a brilliant example of how restraining desires can be something to admire, respect and strive for. What YOLO stands for isn’t the way to live–not when you only live once. Do it right, don’t give in to every desire, weigh things before you act.

Episode 10 (and 13): He kissed her! He’s kissing her! I have no words! They’re so cute.

Marriage Contract: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Marriage Contract Ep. 9 still From: Dramabeans

Everyone is telling Hye-soo to live well and be healthy, and all she can think of is how old her daughter will be when she dies. Ouch. As an introvert, I often find myself similarly suppressing my thoughts. I’m not saying Hye-soo is introverted, just noting the common action. When in your life have you’ve really thought differently but agreed with an opposing opinion out loud? Why did you do it (not condemning at all, just curious).

Ji-hoon well and truly believes he’s trash, And then he thinks that means he doesn’t have to fight base desires. It’s sad, but still wrong. Don’t lose your self control, I admire you for it! I believe in you!

What an interesting thing vanity is. Hye-soo has been subtly watching the bald patients (presumably thinking about her illness). She wants to look pretty. She wants to dress up and feel gorgeous one last time, before she goes. Even if she can’t show Ji-hoon, even if she won’t show him. She wants to be pretty, one last time, for him. She wants to live well, flirt with guys and kiss them and love. But she doesn’t, because she doesn’t believe she can be that person. He calls, and she turns it over instead. She’s not really like that, and she never will be–so she might as well give up. Nobody will ever see her like that, and now she’ll lose “her chance” for it anyway (by losing her hair). My feelings. Are being torn in half. Curse that little dark voice inside of you, saying you aren’t enough. Curse every thought that says you aren’t beautiful, that you aren’t loved and that you don’t have worth. Never believe that voice.

Pride really is so useless.

Episode 12: You are going to kill me dead, show! Dead! Ji-hoon is purposefully making a bad reputation for himself to protect her! I just can’t even. 15 min in and I already want to cry again.

Hye-soo: “Since it’s the last time, I wanted to look pretty.” (said about their last date before starting the divorce process.) Such a double meaning. Triple meaning. It’s the last time for their marriage, the last time to be pretty for him, the last time before her cancer really begins to take its toll, and she doesn’t feel pretty anymore.

…Not cool. NOT COOL. I understand that we’ve been following a very natural character growth arc, but still. Ji-hoon. You’re classier than that. No person, ever, ought to press for something like kiss when the other party isn’t sure. Ever. For more in depth about his drinking episode, visit Dramabeans comment section at the end of the episode.)

Episode 13: So basically I love our OTP. There’s a very realistic, basic holy-crap-I-hope-I’m-doing-this -right feeling to their love. Hye-soo has been alone for so long, and Ji-hoon’s never really given his heart to anyone before romantically.  I love the innocence with which they portray their love, even for all that they are adults and their situations in no way resemble a child’s. It just goes to show that adulthood doesn’t mean relinquishing idealism or innocence. It’s especially interesting now, after what happened last episode. I’m glad he feels bad, because he should.


Marriage Contract ep 13 still From: cupofthuy

Everyone, on some level or another, feels like they are a mess. That secretly, oh so secretly, they are utterly broken. And more than anything we need someone in our lives to tell us that it’s ok–that they are there for us and love us, mess and all. Everything comes to a head in this episode with Hye-soo’s fragile self confidence. She finally turns to Ji-hoon and gets the help she needs, admitting her fears about her appearance and her rapidly diminishing health. That Ji-hoon is able to give her exactly what she needs, the support and love a human needs when they feel so desperate and hopeless, is beautiful. Those are my relationship goals, right there. To see the best in someone else and love them, unconditionally.

Oh my gosh. I love Hye-soo. UEE is spot on in the acting. She (Hye-soo) is so self sacrificing, and she does such a good job of portraying despair through your own actions. Hye-soo is such a private, hardworking, independent girl, she doesn’t want to burden anyone, even when she’s in serious trouble. She doesn’t see how much that very self-reliance can burden them. She doesn’t want to trouble them with her crying (ep. 2), or a useless love–but she doesn’t see how that distance causes them pain sometimes. Knowing when to rely on others is also a skill. It’s something I need to work on myself, and it’s good to be aware of. 

Thanks for reading again, I’ll have the last of it tomorrow!


It’s just past the midway episode. You know what that means. *Winks ...

Marriage Contract ep. 9 still from: cupofthuy

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