A List of College

852 hours, 1 minute and spare change in seconds. 35 and a half days. 5 Weeks and a day. That’s all there is left between me and the wide, wide world of post High School. Less, now that I’m done writing that sentence. It’s ticking by, slipping away, and boggling my mind.

Awesome. Nerve wracking. Exciting. Scary. Freedom. New. Melancholy. Change. 改变. 长大. Onward and upward. An emotional mess. All of those words will describe the transition from high school to college–but no matter where you fall on the emotional scale, going to college is something worth loving. You get  might be terrified to leave home and wish you could stay daddy’s little girl or you might be busting the apron strings to get out of there, but I’ve yet to meet anyone going to college who didn’t love that they were going, in some way.

There’s so many things I love about college. Here’s my list, and a short about why it made the 5 limit cut.

  1. Agency. I never thought I’d be one of those teenagers pulling against the restraints of their childhood home. But more and more, I’ve been feeling the need to set my own rules, determine my own curfew and tell myself when enough Korean Drama is enough. I’m not quite so angsty about it, but the desire is definitely there.
  2. Opportunity. Maybe I’m just a wide eyed and bushy tailed youngster, but I feel like once you’ve hit college you gain a new status in the world: poor college student. Yeah, it means you’re not so high up on the totem pole of society, but it also means a whole slew of new opportunities. Chances to travel, internships, crazy weekend trips to the coast–anything. I’m so ready for it.
  3. New Friends. I love people. They’re seriously my favorite–and although  I might sometimes label myself the only friendly misanthrope, I really know deep down I love humanity. Really. And now, in college, I get to meet so many people! So many minds with such history! Collections of feelings, dreams and desires, hurts and hopes, loves and pet peeves. I want to meet them all.
  4. Clean Slate. I haven’t been able to start over since the end of middle school. Even then, I didn’t really start over, because I didn’t want to then–I stayed just as introverted, just as prickly and set in my ways as before. I won’t say I would go back and change my decision if I could do it over–I’ve grown buckets because of it–but I am ready to start fresh now. Figure out who I want to be. Try new things, experiment, build on who I was before. Maybe that sounds mushy, but it’s me–and I love it.
  5. Responsibility. I believe in the potential of tomorrow. I’ve seen what the human race is capable of–the good and the bad. In the midst of WWII we have Le Chambons and Corrie Ten Booms. In the midst of bad things come chances to shine, show history what humanity is really made of. And the picture is right–the upcoming generation is the new American dream. We’ll make our mark on our country, turn our era into a fantasy or a nightmare. It’s a lot to think about, but it’s also exciting.

What didn’t make the Cut:

Apartment Living


The Dating Scene

The Library on Campus

Learning… but only because I’m with Twain on that one–don’t ever let your school get in the way of your education.


What do you look forward to in college? Or alternately, what was your favorite thing about it, looking back?

God Bless,



Other Lists of Likes:

Terry Pratchett

Korea Drama

Epic Fantasy Novels




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