Quote of the Week: Marjorie Pay Hinckley

I love Marjorie Hinckley. Just adore her to bits and pieces. Her strength of character, her love of life and her endless kindness all amaze me. Even those descriptions don’t do justice to what a wonderful, wonderful woman she was. For that, I think I want my first quote of the week to be one by her.

I love that, and I believe it! I wholeheartedly believe that. Not only does it take more effort to frown than it does to smile, frowning or crying or whining all tend to make other people unhappy as well. When you’re faced with a mistake or sin or hard trial you often have a choice: am I going to laugh and shake this off, or am I going to break down and cry? Well, I have to do one, and continually crying will give me nothing but a headache.

This is not to say that we should never cry. I am a great believer in a good, refreshing cry–so long as you stand back up again. Viktor Frankl, another one of my favorite human beings, put in words beautifully my thoughts about a good cry:

“But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.”

That’s why, notice how the quote from Marjorie goes: The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. There’s nothing wrong about a good bout of tears to help you recognize that you’re struggling, that you’re hurting and that you need help. But to get through it, it’s always much better to laugh. To look up and face life in the eye and tell it to bring it on, because you’re going to keep bouncing back no matter what happens. Another great way of looking at this quote comes from another favorite human being of mine, Jeffrey R. Holland:

“no misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse.”

Oh, how I love to laugh! A cheerful countenance brings joy to the heart and peace to the soul. My final insight to this quote comes in a slightly more religious context: God intends for us to be happy. He is not some terrible being from on high wishing us misery and distress and laughing every time we fall over our shoelaces in error. God wants us to grow from our trials, to learn from our mistakes and to turn our weaknesses into strengths. God wants us to be happy–his plan of salvation for mankind is one of joy. A plan of happiness. And far be it from me to protest against it with all the power of choice I possess–particularly when doing so only makes me sad.

May you find the courage to laugh, and God Bless,


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