Why Kdramas: April 15, 2016

Lots went on in the last two weeks, it makes me sad to see my watching time fly away in the grip of graduation. Ha, that’s partially a lie–my watching time hasn’t flown, I’ve also been re-watching Pinocchio with my friend as she begins her adventures down the Korean rabbit hole. Anyway, here’s what I’m up to!

Currently Airing Major Contenders:

Descended From the Sun (tail end, finale week)

Goodbye, Mister Black (mid-run)

Come Back, Ajusshi (tail end)

Yay for me, that means new shows for GMB to go up against. Of the three major contenders right now that’s the one I’m most interested in–while DotS has been a major ratings hit, I dislike the writer and haven’t heard great things about storyline. CBA has a descent fanbase, but I’ve read a few recaps on Dramabeans (my go-to website for recaps and such) and the humor just doesn’t seem to sit right with me. Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

What I’m Following:

… I haven’t really made the effort to find recaps for things not on DB this time around. I’ve been semi-following Goodbye, Mr. Black–but even that show hasn’t turned out to be what I wanted it to be. Lame.

What I’m Watching:

Marriage Contract (Ep. 6)


Queen In-Hyun’s man (Ep. 9)


Done With: 

Big Man*** (So, I really enjoyed the quirky humor and the characters… but I found the story, especially in the second half after the whole ‘we want your heart’ hijinks ended, as dull as mud. They actually managed to pull off the strange premise, and I was sad to see that part end.)

Click Your Heart*** (So so so cute! I loved the two endings I watched, and I would like more series like this. I did not, however, find anything more deeply fulfilling in it. Pure fluff–not always bad, but gives you a toothache if you watch too much of it.)

You’re Beautiful**** (Just thinking about the makes me smile–yes, you were flawed, but you were also hilarious, filled with heart, strange fashion, and the most adorable nun-boyband member ever.)

Pinocchio 1-3, 18-20 (Again) ***** (I love this show. End of story, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself. Not hard, because it has Lee Jong Suk in it. He’s my favorite.)


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