A List of Korean Drama

I promise I haven’t abandoned the Cozybooks-be-Social program so soon after it’s started, I just took a few days vacation without WiFi without telling first. I highly recommend it for anyone feeling pressure, by the way. Go somewhere for a few days and get away from the world–somewhere without WiFi, where the air seems a bit clearer and the stars a bit brighter.  Abundance of sheep or cows a plus but not essential. Anyway, down to business and the next List: Korean Dramas.

About a year and a half ago, I found a new world. Oh yes. Here’s an few insight or two into this world:

COMMENTSlee jong suk pinocchio Car TuningMaster's Sun - Korean Dramas Fan Art (36527408) - Fanpop

Yup. I could leave it there, and enough would be said (except not really at all). So here’s the why for Korean Dramas–at least for me.

I’m not in it for the pretty (although there is a lot of Pretty, and I won’t lie it’s fun). I’m not in it for the idea of the thing (Hallyu! Hallyu!), although I’m glad they’re starting to get some well deserved attention globally. I’m not always in it for escapism (notice the always, everyone needs something they can use to detox–something that won’t cost as much money as therapy or a deep tissue massage). And I’m not in it because I hate Western TV. Well, that last one might be a lie, because while I don’t hate Western television, I do tend to detest the junk that gets put into it. So much swearing, sleeping around and groundless violence wears on a soul after a while. I’m tired of tv that exalts a lack of morality, of commitment to family and self, and instead shouts the praises of relativity and high living. Enough of shows like Bones, Agents of Shield, Psych, and House–all of which I have tried at one point or another. I want me some Korean Drama.

A few of the things I like:

Family Values. I’m not going to pretend their families are perfect, or that they don’t still have broken relationships (haha Chaebol daddies and vicious Halmeonis), but the focus on loyalty to family and care for such is seriously refreshing. E.g. Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Marriage Contract to name a few good ones all have delightful family relationships–some complicated, some self-sacrificing, some just sweet.

One Season Format. Oh my goodness, freedom and hallelujah! It’s like reading a book on my computer screen, with full moving illustrations. No more ten seasons, minimal development/episode madness. I get to have satisfying progression in my plot and characters even with a side plot, one-two episode style mini-arc? Deal. E.g. basically every Kdrama ever, bar Vampire Prosecutor and a few other select few.

Moral Values. When was the last time I watched a western show aimed at an older audience where sleeping around was a bad thing, where getting someone pregnant means you both have to own up and do something about it? …I can’t even remember when. When was the last time I felt comfortable watching a western series trusting I wouldn’t have to keep the fast forward button close in case of a bedroom scene? So long ago. Not to say I haven’t been burned by racy things in K-Drama–but the ratio’s 1:100 for one morning after scene as opposed to 99:100 for several full on sex scenes in Western TV. E.g. Pinocchio, You’re Beautiful, Ghost, My Love From the Stars

Continued Exploration of Themes. Yippee!! Hooray!! You mean I get sixteen episodes to think about Nature and Nurture and what makes a monster? You mean I get to build up my ideas of truth and honesty and why it’s important? You mean I can think for the entire show about what a family really is? Well, I mean… if you insist *gleeful smile* E.g. I Remember You, Big Man, Pinocchio.

Basically, my point is that while Korean Dramas are far from perfect (that White Truck of Death, though!)  I’ve had a much better run of satisfying entertainment with Korean TV than I’ve had with America’s of late.

To finish, here’s where to start if you want to try Kdrama:

My Love From Another Star



Master’s Sun


Happy Watching and God Bless,


Watch videos from SBS Contents Hub - Viki



3 responses to “A List of Korean Drama

  1. Hey there! So I saw one comment from u in DB and just clicked on this blog! The shows u suggest are exactly the first kdrama shows I suggest to everybody, though I also add “Marriage, not dating” to it! :D.. Nice post :)

  2. I feel pretty much the same, except that She Was Pretty is a MUST see for everybody! Anyways, God bless to you also, Cozybooks!

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