Why Kdramas: March 30, 2016

A lot of people like Kdramas, and a lot of people learn a lot of valuable lessons from them. When I searched the web for them, however, posted results always came up sparse. The reason? Kaddicts just can’t always post their findings online–they’re too busy watching the next drama. Here’s the first breakdown (one of many to come).

Currently Airing Major Contenders:

Descended from the Sun

Goodbye, Mister Black

Come Back, Ajhusshi


What I’m Following:

Goodbye, Mister Black (Wed.-Thurs.)

Marriage Contract (Sat.-Sun.)

Pied Piper (Mon.-Tues.)


What I’m Watching:

You’re Beautiful (ep. 14)

Big Man (ep. 13)

Marriage Contract (ep. 1)


Done With:

Signal (finished, Don’t talk to me about it I’m grieving its passing.)

Boys Over Flowers (dropped, Meh)

Ghost (finished, Worth it but not SJS best)



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