A List of Terry Pratchett

Unfortunately for humanity, Terry Pratchett has passed away. His tales, full of humor and magic and wisdom lend an insight to this world I haven’t found in some critically acclaimed classics–The Great Gatsby and the Scarlet Letter could learn a lesson or two from Death and Commander Vimes. These books handle hard topics with wit, sarcasm and often a surprising tactfulness I would not have expected. They can poke fun at humanities inanities and laugh at life’s ironies–and best of all, they make you think. So here’s to you, Terry Pratchett, for being one of my favorite authors. Rest in peace (or don’t, I guess exercising in heaven can be encouraged).

In memoriam:

Dear Sir,

You’ve killed me with your books. Again. That’s okay though, because it meant I had an interesting conversation with Death, who reminded me that humanity comes in the most unlikely of forms. My timer fell over so the sand stopped running, and I wandered back into Discworld on the back of a bird, courtesy of my Nac’Mac’Feegle friend. He told me funny stories and drank a lot, but I eventually got him to let me off down in Ankh-Morpork at Unseen University, where I had to get directions from the orc to find the Dean and have a bite to eat before going home. Unfortunately, I ran into the Librarian on the way there and ended up taking a tour of the library… I spent three days backwards in time there and got out the Monday before I’d died. So I went to Mrs. Cake’s on recommendation from the Werewolf and got a room until the Monks of History could fix my timeline. Thankfully the Auditors left me alone, although I did get a notice from Vetinari and a visit from the Watch. By the time I made it back to my own bed the clocks were all striking, so I sat up and watched the mail coach race the clacks until dawn. And who’d have guessed but that the milkman (thank goodness the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse is prompt) left a new Terry Pratchett novel on my doorstep! Well, I guess there go my plans for tomorrow.

Thank you for all the fun hours,



List of Terry Pratchett Novels to Start With

Guards! Guards! (Night Watch #1)

Going Postal (Moist Von Lipwig #1)

Mort (Death #1)

Monstrous Regiment

Happy Reading!

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