Step Two in the Cozybooks-be-Social Program

So, a while ago I figured out why I have such a hard time keeping up on blogs like this and life in general (besides my inherent laziness and disregard for the rest of humanity, of course). It’s a symptom of a larger problem: I’m not social. I’m not. At all–given the choice to go out and play or spend the night reading, studying and netflixing, staying in always wins, hands down. So. That’s a problem, at least when I realize I really do want friends who like the same things as I do. This then expresses itself in my blogging as: hey, I should write a post about that… or not. What if they don’t like it? Let me think about it *tables the entire idea like an unwanted house bill*.  Hence the Cozybooks-be-Social program, a plan in however many parts it takes until I feel more confident expressing myself.


Step One: comment on your favorite sites, don’t just lurk. Comment regularly. Ha, that one took a while–but I did it! (Baby steps, baby steps)

Step Two: Start up your blog again. You’re really just going from smaller word count to larger one, after all. And they don’t even need to be big posts. Just do it.

Step three: well, we’ll see how step two goes.

See, there I go again!

Evil-cozy: This is not what the internet is for. You’re wasting their time and internet space.

Nice-cozy: You need to feel more confident! If they don’t want to read the post, they’ll just skip it! Publish! Hit Publish!

Evil-cozy: You are so going to regret this in five years.

Nice-Cozy: Or you could end up with a successfully run blog and a fun experience.

The Realist: It’s not like people really read this blog, anyway. It’s fine, just do it quietly, 默默的, 不会麻烦他们.

Aaaand… posted!

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