A List of Lists

I love lists. I’m a list making maniac. I make lists for everything-to do lists, recommendation lists, wish lists, etc. (Ha, mini list). My next series of posts–one a week–will be lists of why I love certain things. My recommendation lists are in the works as pages, to be added to the top soon. Kdrama, Books, and Life Philosophies–with attached links to posts I’ve done on any of them (there, I’ve said I will so now I have to finish them). This first post is a table of contents, I guess. A list of the lists to come.


Terry Pratchett

Korean Dramas

Epic Fantasy Novels


Humans are Scary


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Classical books





That’s enough to start, I guess. I’ll post the first one tomorrow and then one a week after that. That way I can still post about other things, too. God Bless!




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