Bring Back Our Daughters

Things like this are what’s wrong with the world. That such things like abducting girls just for wanting education exist just… disgust me.

Geeky Book Snob

A serious post today – I am sure you are away already – 200+ Nigerian girls were kidnapped by extremists.  Straight from their school.

These brave girls just wanted an education.  I mention this because of my post not too far back on Girl Rising.

I only want to bring this up so we can all use our collective imagination to imagine these girls back home.  If imagination is power and thought has mass – then our thoughts are better put to use by seeing these girls in our minds come back home.

I am looking for other ways to help now as well – but its hard to separate the information from the rage that’s online right now.  And rightfully so.

So perhaps, let’s switch the rage directed to the captors and instead, open our hearts and our thoughts to these girls – send them our love.  They are…

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