All Sorts of Stuff~But Not Really

So, I should probably separate all these things into different posts. That wold probably be best. Okay, that’s what I’ll do.

The first thing I have to say is this: the world is scary.

Fighting, killing, abuse, unkind words, challenging morals, disease, a warped idea of beauty, unrest, everything going faster and faster and faster as we want more and more and more from the world. How can anything be accomplished in such a world as this?

When you look at all the terrible things that happen on a daily basis around us, I really do want to cringe and then hide in a hole somewhere. I want to do that until I realize that even if I try to hide from it, the bad things in life would come and find me anyway. They’d come and drag me from where I huddle in my bed trying to block out the world, and then I would be left with nothing. That seems like no fun, so I think that option is out. But what else am I left with?

I could try and stand up.

But standing up is scary, I feel like telling myself. Standing up means drawing attention. And what if you don’t have it just totally spot on? What if you stand up and try to live your life making a difference, only to find that you didn’t make any difference at all and got hurt for nothing? What if you fail? What if, what if, what if.

So then I tell myself, ‘Fine. Don’t stand up. Sit down; I want you to take a look around. Open your eyes for a minute and really SEE. Really look at the world and what it means to you. Look past the bad. Look past all the faults; look past all the scary monsters and observe. Look at the cause you just donated to–they’re doing good; they’re working to cure cancer. Look at the blog post you just read–they’re doing good; they lifted up your heart. Look at your mother, giving you balloons on Valentine’s Day–she’s doing good; she loves you. And now that you’ve done that–now that you can see the Good in the world–now you can look at the bad again. Look at it with new eyes. Look at it like this:

I’m too scared to really stand up right now, but I KNOW can sit down and write a blog post. And I can smile. And I can give a good word to another. Is that what I can do?

I’m not tall enough to see the whole world and fix all the problems, but I KNOW I can give a few dollars to a cause that can save lives. I know I can smile and say ‘hi’ to a stranger–maybe tell them that compliment to let them know I noticed.

I’m not strong enough to protect the whole world and to stop all the scary things and all the monsters, but I KNOW I can do a little bit, which is better than doing nothing at all.

And then maybe, when I’ve done all of that, I can find the courage to stand up, and speak out, and make changes.

Until then, I’ll just do what I can.

Standing Strong One Light


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