Things You Never Knew You Knew


The title is a mouthful, I know. But there are definite Truths out there (I say truths with a capital T because I mean Truths: eternal, forever truths. Not false truths, or suppositions, which can be subject to change) that you don’t realize you know.

Truth #1: Compliments make life better.

Even though you may not have thought about just what a compliment does for your day, it’s definitely true. Hearing that someone else appreciates something about you (be it your appearance, personality, or the comment you made in a discussion), it TOTALLY lifts your mood to know that someone else not only noticed something positive about you, they also took the time to tell you about it.

The same holds true for giving compliments, too. There is a special glow, I think, that comes when you do not restrain the good thoughts or compliments you think about others. I challenged myself to never hold back a good thought for another after I received someone’s kind words and then went on to have on of the happiest days–just because someone had liked my hair. :) So don’t hold back a good thing, and give a compliment!

Truth #2: Socializing with others isn’t just necessary, it’s essential.

I hate socializing. I’m not afraid to admit it (at least not to my family) and so I would normally be the last person to admit that it is totally necessary to happiness and just… just life. The connections we make with other people, good and bad, tell us we’re not alone. They keep us going. They make us learn–from our own mistakes with them, and their mistakes with us and others.

I think that socializing and relationships (not necessarily romantic ones) are a Truth because without them, we wouldn’t have anyone to help us right ourselves. Our friendships are the things that lift us up when we’re down. They’re also what keep us in check when we start to run away with ourselves. They’re the ones who help us organize our thoughts, discover ourselves, and become better people. Our family is there to love us, even if that means telling us that what we’re doing is just plain wrong, and that they don’t support it. Our people lift us up when we’re sad, and check us when we’re too giddy to be rational.

So quit spending time raging against the Truth and realize that we need people–for the good and the bad. There are people who care, so make use of that and take the time to grow, to learn, to get to know them and maybe even expand your soul a bit.

Truth #3: Just because life is hard, that doesn’t mean that it’s not TOTALLY AWESOME.

Quit raging against the machine. Accept the down for being what they are: downs. And if you can’t realize that there would be no downs without an up to tell us when we’re down, then… (actually it’s okay if you didn’t realize that, because it’s sorta confusing and doesn’t make sense at first. Plus, I just told you, so now you know).

We’re here to learn, to grow. And we do that the best not by making mistakes, but by expanding our world view through fixing our mistakes. I had an epiphany moment today when I realized another aspect of why trials totally burn us, but they’re still totally worth it. Because of my mistakes (and trust me, I’ve made a lot), I’ve changed the way I look at life. I’ve been molded, and shaped, and compressed into the person I am today–and I wouldn’t trade my present soul for anything–not even the black moments of life.

We are the potter’s clay, here to be shaped by God’s hands and then fired in the kiln of life. Then we must use ourselves to help uplift and help others–to make something of ourselves even as He made us.

So enjoy the journey–appreciate the hard times for what they do for you. And through it all, know that the pits are just pits–so they have to higher, better time coming up ahead to complete it.


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