The Meaning Of Life

I don’t think there is one. Or if there is, I’m not about to explain it to you all. Some things are better left alone–or at least shouldn’t be explained to you by another person. Things such as the meaning of life. Things like that are things that you should just find out for yourself. But (if you can’t tell by the many pictures in my previous posts) I’m a big fan of using pictures that (I feel) express my emotions. So here are a bunch of pictures, some happy, some sad, some just… pictures. I gave them each a one word/phrase description, and an explanation for the word/phrase. Maybe they’ll help you define life a bit more. I think they do.


Solitude. There’s just something about the way the clouds and the light and shadows all come together.


Life’s Journey. There are stairs. You climb stairs, and you get more tired the further you go. You start out fresh and full of energy, and end up worn out–but when you’re at the top you get to see how far you’ve come and the great view from the top.


Lonliness. It’s in black and white, which always deepens a photo for me. And there’s an empty bench–one that I think should be filled with a few friends, red nosed and rosy cheeked, or a pair of sweethearts, relaxing. But instead, it’s empty.


Animals. Life. Growth. Well, most specifically goats, but also the miracle of life. (It’s the ciiiirclllle of liiiiiife, and it moooves us aaaalll!)


Progression. For good or bad, people learn new things and apply them. We build cities. We pollute oceans. We save lives through medicinal discoveries.


Moving On. To a lighter place, to a better place. Striving to move on, to go forward–searching for the light, for peace. For rest.


Entreaty. Imagine looking up in a forest like this. Why? maybe you need help. Maybe you need answers. Maybe you just lost your way on the way back from work. But whenever I need perspective, I look up. It helps me stop looking ahead and just focus on where I am right now. 


Hobby. I refuse to call my deep interest in anime and manga an obsession. So for no other reason than ‘because I wanted to’ I put this photo here. Because we all have things we like, and it would be wrong to try and define our lives without them in it as well.


Standing Strong. Standing Alone. This photo doesn’t seem sad to me. Because even though at first I didn’t notice the other plants, they are there. And the one flower is standing strong.


Lack of Clarity. Because of the scary-movie-effectness of this photo, it made me think of fear. Fear is a part of all of our lives. But in moments of blind fear, I find that the reason for them is often a simple lack of clarity. Like when you walk through a dark forest at night and run through it, terrified.


Awesome. I saw the photo and thought Lord of the Rings. (I’m a fan). But also, of my history teacher–who says he is the most awesome person in the world, and lives in a fantasy world. Yeah, right. But life is always better if we have confidence.nature_clouds_night_sky_wallpaper-normal

Destiny. The moon–I love it. It always seems to hang in the sky like a giant orb, foretelling things both good and bad. And I just love pictures like this.


Serenity. It just seemed to fit.


Lone Light. Oh, the moon. The moon. Maybe I was secretly raised by wolves–I like the moon. I really like the quote

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
Edith Wharton

It’s in a previous post of mine Just a Quick Thought… and I really like it. I think it goes well with this picture.


Happilightfulism. I looked at this photo and thought ‘I feel a happilightfulism coming on’. For those of you who don’t know what that is, read my post The Funny Little Happilightfulisms of Life. 


Unknown Future. The tracks bend out into the distance, into the unknown, into a place where anything could happen. The mist obstructs our view even further, and all we can do is try our best with the little information we have.


Perfection. One, I love the color reddish-purple. And I love trees. And I just love this photo. All the trees, lined up into rows–and yet each tree is different, individual. I’d like to present the idea that maybe perfection isn’t just being perfect–it’s feeling complete, and at peace with yourself. Perfection might not be the end result of a journey, but the never ending journey itself, as you never give up and always strive for better, even as you are at peace with yourself and where you are.

So. What have you learned from this post (other than the fact that I like photography and nighttime/black and white photos a lot)? I dunno. Maybe nothing. Maybe it was a waste of five or ten or six or two minutes. But maybe it wasn’t. I’m over-thinking things again. Anyhow, don’t sweat it. You’ll find your own meaning of life. Someday.


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