Wasting Time

waste: verb, to employ uselessly or without adequate return, to be employed uselessly without being fully appreciated.

I think a lot of people are wasting their time without even knowing it. Even me.

I do have a reason to say this. If you really want it, I’ll give it to you (and if you don’t want it, I’m putting it here anyway, so just deal with it. You can avert your eyes and skip ahead in the post if you really don’t want to read it. Heck, I’m not forcing you to be here in the first place, so you have no right to be mad.) This is my reason: We have 24 hours in a day. We spend (varying on whether or not you’re a college student, a mom, or a teenager) somewhere between 4-12 hours a day asleep. Now, this doesn’t seem to have much of an effect, because of the 4-12 hours. If it was something more like 10-12 for everybody, it would have more effect. But I digress.

This post is for the 12 hour sleepers. I’m not going to tell you to get less sleep. That sounds idiotic even when I’m typing it. No. But, I will tell you this. You feel SO much better when you wake up earlier. Especially in the summer.


So maybe you don’t have to see a sunrise in the morning to help you feel empowered. But you would see some pretty inspirational stuff if you’d stop wasting time being in a hurry and slow down to see the beauty of life.


And maybe the parks near your house don’t photograph quite so well, but if you’d stop wasting your time


just a disclaimer, I don’t take any of these  pictures. I find them on google. I’m not a brilliant photographer, and where I live is… less pretty.

But the point is this–I don’t really care when you get up. I don’t care what you do with your life. But I will tell you that life will be so much better, if you actually do something with it. Don’t just expect the world to hand you what you want on a silver platter. That’s not the way things work. My dad tells me that the reason why so many people fail in business is because they expect to get something for nothing. That they want to cut corners and still get the same end result. But that’s just not the way it works. For something great to be gotten, something great has to be given. And you know what? I think that’s just fine.

Because people are too lazy. They have their iPhones, and their laptops, and their cars, and their iPods, and electronics and don’t even try to go out and do something momentous. And then they get to their graduation speech and look at the person who is talking to them, and think ‘wow. They’ve done something so good with their lives. I wish I could do something like that.’ and they feel a small instant of motivation to go and do not just dream about doing. And then graduation ends and they never think about it again.

And then there are the people who really do. They Never Settle for Second Best , they go and achieve because they want to. And maybe that’s not something big, or grand, like becoming a state senator or going to the moon or discovering the cure for cancer. But they did it because they wanted to, and because they knew that they could o something good with their lives. EVERYONE has a bit of inspiration in them. We all have gifts and talents. But many of us are too good at wasting time to do anything about it. WHO CARES about the latest cat video on Youtube. They’re all dumb anyway. WHO CARES that you just ate the sloppiest pie with your friends so’oh my gosh I’ve got to twitter this NOW!

I know I don’t care. I have better things to do with my time. Like write a blog to satisfy myself, and hopefully change a few others for the better. Or write a book, a Regency romance that will uplift and inspire (without being preachy). I want to do something. I don’t want to be the president, or the next Michael Jackson (oh horrors). But I do want to help education fix itself (because our schools are going down the drain) so I want to be a good teacher. A history teacher. And I want to change someone’s life because they read my book and had a happier day because of it. I want to be the kind of person that inspires a little happilightfulism in life. I don’t want to waste my time being unmotivated. I want to look for what I want to do, no just wait and expect it to hit me over the head.

What about you? Will you waste your time going through life and never achieving something because you really thought it was worthwhile? Will you end up in a job you don’t really like, but you need something to do? Or will you try for something that you hope can make the world a better place, if only a little bit,  because you’re in it. So whether you get up at 3 in the morning or 12 noon, just make sure that you do, in fact, get up and do something. 


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