Seiyuu-Ka! ~ a Manga by Minami Maki

30985Ah… Seiyuu-Ka. Where even to start? Well, I might as well give a synopsis/summary/teaser type thingy for the manga. So, here goes!


Kino Hime is 15, and she has a dream. She wants to become the main character’s seiyuu (that’s a voice actor) for her favorite tv anime as a child, Magic Fighter Lovely Blazers. There is only one slightly glaring problem: her voice, whenever she tries to act, sounds like a crotchety old man’s. Not the ideal thing for a girl aiming to voice for a cutesy anime character.

And then you add in all the school drama of any good manga worth its salt, and a bagful of idols, boy bands, and the ever necessary tsundere boy, and this manga is a beautiful read!

I really did enjoy it, particularly because it was so clean. Seiyuu Ka is another one of those mangas where you can tell that the romance is supposed to be there, and characters do like each other, but it never specifically does anything about it–you just get to see the end result in the last few chapters. mmmm… oh yes, so fluttery and nice, and so clean.

This manga is not only good in terms of not racy and it doesn’t swear all that much at all–it’s also is nice and long, at 70 chapters. That was really nice, and I was able to read the entire thing in english online, for once. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have a manga that you really like, and you’re reading it and everything is all fine and dandy–until you finally realize that the manga isn’t finished yet, and the last chapter update was months ago. Oh… that makes me mad. It’s one of the reasons I am learning more Chinese–so that I can translate in my spare time. :)


So, I guess that the overall feeling this manga gave me was lighthearted and fun, although there were a few more mature themes–mainly, tragic backstories (you know I’m a sucker for them!) and whatnot. Both of the main characters have family problems, which made this manga just a bit more mature than the innocent rest of the plot would make it feel like. It added a lot of depth, if my opinion. So, I think that’s about it! I’ll just post a few more pictures so you can see a few more of the characters. Oh! And it is what I term a ‘gender bender’ manga, which means that for circumstances you can find out in the manga, the main character will sometimes dress as the other gender. (Not because they’re a trans, but because they have to for some reason or another–for example, in one manga their father got them into a high profile school to play basketball, but it’s an all boys school… so she dresses as a guy) just stuff like that, and it just adds to the general hilarity!




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