Friends and Foes~ a Sarah M. Eden Novel

5076966_Friends_and_Foes_detailOh lud. I don’t even know where to begin on this book–it is one of my favorites, although nothing will ever surpass The Kiss of a Stranger in my opinion. I love the characters in this ones especially. Not only does Phillip remind me unceasingly of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Sir Percy Blakeny), he is also his own man in so many ways. Sorrel is fiesty, stubborn, and prickly–and also witty and kind. I love the entire cast, and of course it gave me tingles and giggles to see the characters who have a book centered entirely on them now playing the role of a supporting character. (Keep in mind, this is my second or third time reading this novel…) anyway, this is going to be a quickie post–I have more family gatherings to attend and people to pay my respects to (oh, how I wish I could get away from it all sometimes… but they’re a good family and mean me no displeasure, so I shall simply have to bear with it)… Goodness, I’m even beginning to speak like a regency Miss.


They kiss. Several times. Once in the company of others (horrors!) and several times not. Nothing descriptive, nothing scandalous (by today’s standards–although some [including myself on occasion] would argue that we have abandoned standards altogether in today’s times.)

A rather large part of the plot is centered around Sorrel and her crippled leg, which gives her unending pain and agony at times. You also get to read about the aftermath of a few fights. Nothing bad. all very G rated (well, maybe PG) but the themes and nuances in the book would probably go over a young teen or tween’s head. This isn’t the type of book they’d normally enjoy anyway, I’d think. Most teen fiction nowadays is filled with gunfights, or the end of the world, or the next high school drama. Or vampires. Ooooh, I hate vampires.

This book was refreshingly intelligent, and was obviously quite well researched on the customs of regency England. It was a well written flirtation between the austerity of regency England and a good American romance. Between the subtle (and not so subtle), amorous banter of the characters and the deep emotions displayed, and the good morals of character presented, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  :)


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