Life’s Too Short To Rush

Okay, I know what you might be thinking: You’ve got this all wrong, little miss introvert! Life is too short to take things slow–that’s the way it’s supposed to go. Isn’t it? But just slow down and think for a moment (see, there’s that slowing down again)

What happens when you hurry? Think of all the people you know who try and do everything they possibly can. I know a couple. They get short of temper, a bit cranky. They miss the details, and end up having to go back and correct mistakes. They don’t quite understand what it is that they’re trying to do at times. That’s what I know about the people who rush. Taking shortcuts and hurrying–sometimes that’s not the best way to live life. I mean, the things that life are really about, the things that really matter–why would you wan to rush and miss them? I’ve found that no matter what the problems I have in life are, the answers come if I just wait for long enough and think about it. Really, they do.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and do everything, it just means that you don’t have to rush. There is a definite difference, I found, between being a physical hurry and a mental one. I know people who thrive, who absolutely blossom, when they have a full schedule and places to be and places they’ve been and places to go. But I’ve found that those same people have learned a very valuable lesson–they don’t need to hurry. Hurrying leads to mistakes, and you miss the little happilightfulisms that you could be appreciating. And that doesn’t mean that you have to always have something to do, either. I know that my favorite memories and the times when I feel happiest are when I have absolutely nothign going on in my life, and I simply sit down and do whatever I want to do. Think, read, bake cookies. And that’s okay!

And I’m rambling. But it feels good to ramble sometimes, y’know? Maybe this entire post just doesn’t make sense, and won’t make sense to any of you. But it feels like I just spilled my mind onto the page where anyone who wants to can see it and read it and maybe think a couple of thoughts they wouldn’t have thunk otherwise (yes, I know thunk isn’t quite right, deal with it.)

So what if this isn’t the most orderly of posts? It’s not like I’m writing a blog to please others–I’m writing it to please myself. And that’s what really matters, I think–that no matter what pace we take life at, fast or slow, or whether we’re introverts or extroverts, there are always going to be those times when you just sit down and say, ‘that was fun–not because somebody else liked it, but because I wanted to do it and so I did.’ The only things stopping ourselves really, is us. (which is sometimes a good thing–don’t go robbing grocery stores just because nobody but you can stop you. That’s a bad idea.) But in terms of dreams, and life pursuits, and writing books, and reaching for the moon on a cloudy night–we only have ourselves to stop us. Saying that the publisher didn’t like your work, or you couldn’t get a book agent, or the math teacher doesn’t like you so you still failed the class–those are all just excuses in the end, really. Maybe it’s all true, maybe not–but just because that happened doesn’t mean that you were out of options. So take a moment to just calm down. Live life right for a few moments–take the time to realize that no, you don’t have to give up and move on so quickly. You don’t have to get there right this very minute or the world will end. That leads to unnecessary worry and stress. And goodness knows I hate stress.

And maybe post this will inspire, and maybe it won’t. But the only thing that matters is, I wrote it. I didn’t let my own doubts of whether or not it’s comprehensible get in the way, and give up. I kept going–I took it slow, and wrote it. I accomplished. I didn’t hurry to say ‘it’s not possible, I should just try and do something else instead.’ I didn’t rush. And I loved every minute of it. :) Happy fourth of July!



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