Nevermore~ by James Patterson

11946245I was disappointed in James Patterson, just a bit, after I finished this book. I mean, I had already pretty much given up on the series (They’re interesting, sure, but I was never able to just read them all through. They weren’t quite up to snuff, you might say, so I went and read something else.) Anyway, I wasn’t expecting all that much, so I suppose you could say that my expectations were exactly fulfilled. But I know he can write better stuff than this book, was, so that was why I was a little bit disappointed. Still, it set a good, fast pace, and I still love the characters–it was the plot that was lacking. I think that toward the end of the series he just started to peter out of new ideas. Most of the things that happened in this book had happened before, and I wasn’t getting that happilightful moment I was looking for. They stared out at the sunset, yes, and they had made losses and sacrifices–but the contenlovliness just wasn’t there. It made me sad. It was like going through the entire process of writing a paper, and then rereading what you wrote and realizing it wasn’t nearly as stellar as you had hoped it would be.

I had put up with the rest of the series and had been entertained, if not awed and inspired by the books, so when I went to the library I just knew I would never have peace if I didn’t read it and see if the ending is good.


Um… I can’t tell you. Because if I gave you the ending that would spoil it. But it was pretty predictable, although I was a bit nonplussed at the end. But it was like I was in shell-shock: the ending that should have been a big bang was more like–well, you’ve let this and this and that happen, so why not this? Anyway, it was like in a scary movie when they don’t give you any relief time, so it doesn’t end up being scary anymore–it’s just lame. (man, I’m really cracking down on this book. I think it’s because I know he can do so much better.)

In the way of racy stuff, there are kisses, making out-ish (No undressing or anything, but still…) anyway, there is a major body count, and plenty of fight scenes, just like in all the other Maximum Ride novels. The language in this one wasn’t actually as bad as in some of the other ones, which I appreciated. None of his books are ever too bad about language, but they do use minor swear words quite a bit. This one, not so much.

All in all, I have much higher hopes for his newest book series Confessions of a Murder Suspect. The premise looks a lot more promising than the Maximum Ride books, and I read the first chapters and really liked them. I like the new heroine. I don’t know if I can trust her that she didn’t murder anyone yet, but I like her.


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