Greyfield Flowers

Okay, so we’re still not to a book review yet. But we’re getting ever so much closer, because I’m going to tell you about my goal for the summer: Write. A lot. On one book. So that when I get back to school and people say ‘oh so what do you do then?’ I can say ‘I write books thank you very much, here’s what I wrote this summer :)’ so it’s not for entirely unselfish reasons that I am writing my very first Purely Romance Regency Novel(la) and I decided, to make sure that I really do write and not just procrastinate because I always hate my first drafts, to blog about it.

So, Like the Post title suggests, this novel(la) is entitled Greyfield Flowers. (I can’t tell you why, that would ruin it. shush and listen.) It takes place in 1817, so it is within the acceptable years for a true regency romance (the regency era being from 1811-1820) and while it will takes years of editing and a lot of long hours before I can make it truly fit to read, I plan to make this novel(la) spectacular. I will, I promise. And now because I am blogging about it I have to follow through on my promise. So there. :)

anime girl using a quill

(I wish I looked like this when I write…)It__s_Okay__Little_Chibi_by_Outrae

(As it is, I look more like this instead…)

And here’s a synopsis (I am too excited to try and make it a short one), just so I don’t change my mind about what it should be about halfway through writing it…

Miss Colette Harmony Mauntell has given up on marriage. Still single at 21 and never having considered herself to be a great beauty, she has decided it would be better not to love at all. Especially since after her father (a Baron) died, Miss Mauntell became a bit of a bluestocking. Even though her elder brother William is the heir, Colette is the one who finds herself managing the estate and finances most of the time–until her brother sends her on a mandatory vacation for the winter holidays.

Tristan Christopher Holcott, Earl of Greyfield, is still wondering how on earth he was roped into an entanglement such as this. An acquaintance the Earl barely knew (William Mauntell) somehow managed to get an invitation for his sister to attend the Earl’s house  party over the winter season. Tristan is sure the only reason Colette is there is to try her luck where so many other women had failed–in securing him as a husband. Well, he is determined no to be caught by anyone who might be interested in pursuing him.

As he throws a house party, and she does her best to avoid close association with anyone in particular, and his plethora of sisters come for the Holidays with their families, they both find themselves both at odds with each other, and pleasantly surprised… :)

So… yeah. That’s my goal for this summer, and I think this will help me keep true to it. I hope. maybe. :) I promise to review some books just as soon as I can (remember, I’ve decided to re-read everything by Sarah M. Eden that I own–I’m on The Kiss of A Stranger now…) Anyway, peace out and all that… bye. I’m off to write. Some more. Yay!anime-writing-writing-18861856-400-300


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