Introverts Unite!

I couldn’t find a way to properly ‘press’ this as such, so I just copied and pasted it. But I really liked it and I really believe this–really. I am a major introvert. I prefer books and and music and writing to loud parties and social situations. I get more excited about my newest romance book than the latest line of clothing or who is dating whom. So… what’s wrong with that? I have friends who actually get worried about me because I like to read so much. She often told me that it ‘wasn’t healthy’. I have finally just self proclaimed myself a hermit (much to my mother’s dismay) because I find it hard to explain just how much liveliness from being alone. I really connected with the video at the bottom of this post, and I really liked the post itself.

All in all, I just like Patrice’s blog. So I think that it’s a great thing–introverts unite! Extroverts are amazing too. I mean, I really admire people who can just start talking and then just keep going easily without seeming to have to try and press things forward. I really admire them. But I have what one of my voice teacher described as an ‘artist’s spirit’. I like to be alone with my thoughts and being alive on the page and in my head. So take the initiative–don’t be afraid to embrace the peace that quiet time brings. I get inspiration, both spiritually and worldly, from simply being alone.

I find that being alone helps me clarify my opinions from other people’s. I am someone who picks up really easily on the feelings of others and their opinions, and that can confuse my own feelings sometimes. And being able to discover for myself the person who am, rather than the person who the person next to me perceives me to be. (Now go back and read that sentence again and make sure it makes sense). I like to be alone–I’m not shy, I’m not socially disabled, I’m just an introvert. Introverts Unite!


3 responses to “Introverts Unite!

  1. Thanks for sharing :) I’m glad you liked it and I like your blog too :) I like how you said I’m not socially disabled because I think a lot of people (non introverts) feel like being one is like you have some sort of disability or something.

    • Thanks for posting :) I totally know what you mean–I just got back from a camping/hiking trip and I was just surprised at how much I could see the other girls trying avoid being alone for a bit of peace and quiet. It was like if they weren’t chatting with someone, they’d lose status or something. It was surprising.

      • Yep yep, exactly…in middle school I went on some class trips like that & everyone was always chatting & they kept herding us from place to place. It’s sad because a lot of times you might just want to read or something but being alone is seen as weird or “loser(ish)”

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