Glimmer of Hope~A Regency Romance By Sarah M. Eden

glimmerOkay, so I lied. I said I would read and review Snuff next, but I ended up reading two more LDS suspenseful romances and a covenant regency romance instead. I promise I’ll get around to reading Snuff  eventually, but I went to a bookstore yesterday and got two more of Sarah M. Eden’s books (bringing me only two books short of owning all of her books…) and a favorite of mine by Betsy Brannon Green. And then I read the new book of Sarah M. Eden’s that I’d bought, called Glimmer of Hope. I didn’t even know she’d written another book (I’ve read all but one of the books she has written) and when I saw this one on the shelves, I knew I’d have to buy it. And promptly stayed up far too late reading it and crying.

While the rest of Sarah M. Eden’s books are charming, lighthearted and delicious, this one had more of a mature ring to it, which surprised me a bit at first. No only the premise (they both thought the other ran out on their marriage, then they get tossed back together by chance for a Christmas house party) but also the fact that… oh… I can’t tell you…. I can’t spoil it…. oh but it’s so goooooood…… I’m torn.

Let’s just say that it was WELL the $12.75 I spent to obtain it. I will be reading and rereading this book for years to come.


Okay. There are no bedroom scenes (well, there are scenes that take place in a bedroom of his, but it’s just him and her talking like civilized people and nothing ever happens. It’s very sweet and tender and I love it. A lot.) so I amend my earlier statement–there are no sex scenes, nothing racy or anything like that. There isn’t any violence or anything like that. So yay :)

But the way the book is written, the aura it exudes, if you will, is a bit sad. Happy, tender, lovely and wonderful, but a bit sad. It’s one of those books where you realize that life isn’t always perfect. Oh…. I want to just tell you everything about it, but I can’t. That would be cheating. You need to read it for yourself.

Just a disclaimer, it is NOT a specifically LDS book. You can buy it in an LDS bookstore, and the author is probably LDS, but it doesn’t specifically mention the LDS church. So if you’re not LDS and don’t like LDS books, I would still tell you to read this one, if only because it made me cry. And laugh. And just think about life in general a bit more. I loved it.

Last thing, and this is actually a bit of a complaint. At the beginning of the book, I didn’t like the guy she was married to. He bugged me. He seemed like a good, decent sort, but just… not as amazing as some of her other heroes in her other books. He was much better by the end of the book, so I enjoyed his progression forward, but I do wish it was just a tad longer to show better the change from good to stellar. :) That’s all, I promise. :)


Okay so I lied again. I just stumbled across this picture and think it describes the feeling I get from this book really well. Beautiful, and a bit haunting, and it gives you a reason to think for a just a bit about nothing in particular but just life in general. :) Now I’m done.


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