How To Stuff A Wild Zucchini~ by Heather Horrocks

HowTo_detailOkay, first of all– what a name! I mean, the first time I saw this book on the shelves at the library, I was all like: am I really going to enjoy a book with a name like that? I mean, I am seriously picky about my LDS fiction. It’s a lot harder than you’d think to integrate a religion into a book without making it seem cheesy. So anyway, I had my doubts it. After the first time reading it (this was probably around a year ago) I was pleasantly surprised, but I had so many other books on my plate that I had kind of rushed through it, to move on to other, better pursuits.

And then I saw it again on the shelves of my library. I knew I wanted something that I was going to be satisfied by and I vaguely remembered the plot, so I checked it out. And read it. and loved it more than all get out. It’s hilarious. And I loved it.

So, it’s about this girl from New York, right? And she has had a miserable life up until now, her father left her mother for another woman, blah blah blah (I seem to be going through a tragic childhood LDS fiction phase… I should probably stop that) and so she decides to throw a dart at a map of the US and move wherever it lands. She was aiming for Hawaii… but ended up with Brigham City, Utah. And that’s all I’m gonna tell you. XD


So there are a few kisses, dates, she had a crappy relationship in the past (she found out he was cheating in the worst way) and enough pitter patter moments to make me happy. And there wasn’t anything bad in it. Oh! And there isn’t a body count. Nobody dies. Yay! and… I think that’s about it.

I LOVE the way this author writes. It’s sarcastic, and funny, and just ridiculous sometimes. How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini was a great, light, fluffy pick me up. It made me happy. :) and On to the next one! (I think I’ll read Snuff by Terry Pratchett)


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