Never Look Back~ a Novel by Betsy Brannon Green

imgresSo, I guess I just kinda went on a library spree for LDS novels and Terry Pratchett books. Not only did I get a variety of Christian romance/suspense novels, I got two Terry Pratchett books to read and a romance book a friend recommended. It was fuuuuuun… *satisfied smile* (Why am I typing as if I’m texting? I should really stop.) Okay. So on to my thoughts about the book. I didn’t like this one as much as I like Green’s other books. I’ll be honest–it was the main character. I liked her most of the time, but man that woman had a major chip her shoulder against her ex. I suppose I should tell you a little bit about the plot then.

Okay. So Sidney was married for ten years, and she had three kids with her dream husband Craig. Then they move to Georgia and shortly after the move he says he wants a divorce, that he’s found met someone at the hospital he now works for. So they divorce, and for almost three quarters of the book she makes it her personal goal to try and make his life miserable. Which I can totally understand, but still… It’s just a lot harder to read a book where the main character is falling in love and trying to ruin her ex’s life at the same time. so… yeah. But I still loved the book. The characters were great, the plot was well paced, and I did stay up till 1:00 in the morning to finish it last night (this was a reread) so… yeah, I liked it.



okay, so there were a couple of kisses (not that many, actually) and she rebuffs the rather sad advances (he gets her flowers) of the married drunk who sits at the bar of the dinner club at which she works. Other than that, the only other scene I think I need to warn you of isn’t even romantic. They get snowed in, and he’s dying (fever of 104, unconscious, 8 inch gash on his leg, using cow antibiotics and expired pain medication to treat it.) and then he starts freezing to death. It was pretty extreme. So, she wraps him up in a quilt and lies down next to him to keep him warm. He’s unconscious, fully clothed, wrapped in a quilt, and dying.

There’s a body count in this one too- just one person. I won’t tell you who, and I won’t tell you how, but I will tell you I wasn’t surprised. :)


My last thoughts are that I like the book. It was a great style of writing, the kids were adorable, and I didn’t actually mind that she was a divorced woman. (This coming from someone who can’t doesn’t normally read LDS books about divorced women with children. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against divorced women–I just find that romance books about divorcees are less about romance and more about moving on with their lives.) So anyway, I loved the book, I adore the author, blah blah blah–just read it! :)


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